1. Can you do a video where you eat and workout like Ariana grande for a week

  2. Can you do a video on how to find a good pair of jeans please

    Edit: basically making our butts, curves and thighs look nice

  3. Relationship Adviceeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing your everyday makeup routine

  5. I like the legging idea!! Good one 🙂

  6. Please say you got hacks for eye chrickles ( or laugh lines) xx??

  7. That's legit the hottest part on the human body and an gift to man kind!!

  8. Yep G string underwear are comfortable they not covering the bum it’s good

  9. You should make a story time! I love your voice

  10. I love your clothing haul videos! Luv u girl!

  11. Can u please make a nail growth hacks please

  12. Today you are sooo much beautiful and pls do a vedio on diy room decors

  13. It's fall and I love seeing fall scented candle reviews…hint hint

  14. imagine wearing a stick on thong and then starting your period that would suck

  15. Do a video on which clothes come cute with each other. And shoes.

  16. can you make diy acne face masks?
    ilysm nicoletta … <3

  17. hey girl Plz do a diet and workout of Taylor Swift

  18. I can you do a thrift & flip videos ???

  19. can you do diy face masks for dry skin ? btw ilysm ?

  20. You should do a fall morning routine my makeup routine and what a eat in a day and what you do at the gym


  22. you should do a school clothing struggle video!!! i love you and your videos sososo much ????

  23. could you do a video on how to get a hour glass body please !!

  24. Morning routine video for sure .. ☺☺

  25. I want to see a makeup routein for your next video please

  26. Please continue doing Hacks videos … maybe u can do some hair videos like straight hair hacks how to straighten it heatlessly and how to keep it straight… maybe some heatless curls hacks too

  27. Omg I have just been starting to struggle with this but now u put this up luv ya!

  28. Do loren gray's workout and diet

  29. Does anyone else have a problem with keeping their seamless underwear on? When I wear them they tend to move around a lot and fall down anytime I sit or bend down. Maybe it's the material?

  30. I like the panty liness&I also like the fashion hacks

  31. stick on thongs wth is wrong with u?! face palm

  32. Hi Nicoletta, make a video about toxic friendships, I really need some advice.

  33. Omg yesss!!!!! I’ve been dying to see a video like this

  34. “Muffin tops are caused by clothes not fitting you right”

    Nope,im just chubby ?

  35. I love your hack videos as you’re just like the older sister I’ve never had come in from a 13 yo !….. THANKYOU! ????

  36. love watching try on hauls on fashion related videos like clothing, jewellery, bags, belts, etc.

  37. Buy seamless underwear! That is the most comfortable way to avoid panty lines. That’s all I wear because I hate when people can see my underwear through my clothes.

  38. Everyone wears underwear so what’s the deal ?

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