UNICHROME – Unicorn Nail Meets Chrome Powder

Suzie has fun creating the mythical Unicorn Nail, combining Gel and Chrome Powders.

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Have Fun!


  1. No Holographic shit? Any holosexuals out there?

  2. Why do you start in the dented.

  3. These are so awful – Just cause things are trendy – is not a reason to do it – even teenagers are frowning on this style –

  4. That's so pretty plus I'm not a boy I'm a girl on a boy acc

  5. My teacher has extremely long thick acrylic nails and they look disgusting

  6. Anyone wish you counsels the glitter on your hands I think seeing the glitter go from your actual finger to your nail is gorgeous!

  7. this is the 2nd video of yours that I've watched… and i just love them. the music, your voice, you teach so well, and the way the videos are edited are just so therapeutic. thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  8. that is so beautiful i finally know how its done ! your skills are amazing !

  9. Are those your real nails

  10. You are so naturally talented WOW!!, and how you explain how to get the look was so soothing to listen to, where I never questioned anything. Was so simply said but with such precise eleiments to what u truly need to do to get this look. Like I said truly talented and thank you for sharing this with us..

  11. Your good but you should do hollowen

  12. You should do HOLOween nails?❤️

  13. Awesome unicorn nail design! Love your nail tutorials 🙂

  14. I don't really like how the nails are because they are to long but if you like them wear them

  15. I really need these nails unicorns are my life ?❤️

  16. I hate buffing nails because it makes it more weak so once its weak it can come off.

  17. I can’t really say anything but my falsies are way shorter than that have does she wipe her ass

  18. That is absolutely gorgeous ?❣

  19. I loved it so beautiful


  21. 8.41 loom at the unicorn nail so PRETTY

  22. Is there anything you can’t do? Your videos are amazing ?

  23. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC UNICORN SUZIE. I gotta try it! <3

  24. My nails aren't that long, I can't do unicorn nails?

  25. Omg this is so pretty would love to get my nails done by her

  26. it looked like you nude your chrome

  27. Ooo I love it! Can you please do a steampunk acrylic or gel nail? I really would like to see that

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