Unicorn Milkshake | Homemade DIY Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino by So Yummy

Milkshakes can be FUN!, Learn how to make this Easy DIY Unicorn Milkshake at home with this super easy video.

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  1. That's too sweet right? ????? but it's so delicious!! ?????

  2. I love unicorns there awsome?????????????????

  3. my friend has the picture as her profile picture

  4. I seen this it makes me so hungry..

  5. I watch this everyday I want to make a milkshake! And it's "So Yummy"

  6. If it Was My Birthday I Would Like That For Breakfast

  7. I wouldn't eat it but it's beautiful and cool

  8. My birthday is on May 12, one more month!!! 1 like, 1 person who cares.

  9. Thank You So Yummy For Making My Drink 😀

    * I Like The ThumbNail! *

  10. What is the song plz. So beautiful milkshake. I cant englisch perfekt ?

  11. Mmmmmmm delicious?????

  12. it was perfect and satysfying until he/she drank it

  13. I like it and also i love unicorns

  14. She dipped it in purple candy melt and when she picked it up it was blue! SCAM!

  15. Unicorn milkshake! Does that mean I get to drink that?
    Sunny:not without a cherry on top.

  16. I love unicorns ?.it makes me want to make myself one

  17. ?????????????‍??‍??‍??‍??‍?

  18. Lol I love the ending part! Showing the cute milkshake with the cute music and then suddenly music stops and rip milkshake XD

  19. I love this. Happy to say that I have subscribed your channel

  20. Omg, so cool!! I love this DIY!

  21. cho xin link nhạc của video này đi

  22. This is so awesome it looks so yummy

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