Unicorn Rainbow Nail Art (now u can ride my nails)

Wow two nail art videos in a row… where is Cristine and what did u do with her?


    • ♥ White polish: Here
    • ♥ Peel off apron thingies: Here
    • ♥ Clean-up brush: Here
    • ♥ Unicorn nail vinyls: Here
    • ♥ Holo glitter: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers confetti (drug store)
    • ♥ Holo top coat: Here
    • ♥ Nail art foil glue: Here
    • ♥ Opal nail art foil: Here
    • ♥ Regular base coat: Here
    • ♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here
    • ♥ ON MY OTHER HAND: Here use code SIMPLY to save $!


  1. The before of the before the the painful after….

  2. RIP Cristina’s middle nail. ??????

  3. give this comment a like if you started saying dab like 50 times in a row (time to like my own comment)

  4. And then something tragic happened

  5. It's so sad that this was her last video before her nail Broke. T-T

  6. Cristine where's my peel p0rn

  7. Let’s take a moment of silence for Cristines nail.

  8. 'Life isn't always about unicorns and rainbows'

    Well, I'm both a unicorn AND A RAINBOW BITCHES! BE JELLY

  9. Wow. This is when she actually did nail tutorials. Times change…

  10. Life will not be good for long??

  11. im not sure if she knew that it really wasnt all about unicorns and rainbows because she broke her nail!!!!!

  12. i had today 2 rainbows in on e time im noy kidding it was soooo cool!

  13. Can I still drink milk in real life ??? Cuz I love milk

  14. I’m coming here to watch her so the big mistake of not putting the no peelporn base coat

  15. Little did Cristine know, she was gonna break some shit

  16. I subscribed before Polish mountain

  17. 10 pictures taken right before disaster…

  18. Right before the tragedy! You broke your name on my birthday! Im so sorry the birthday gods did you so wrong on that day of celebration…i mean hiding under the covers pretending Im not old yet….28 twins!

  19. The drugstore Holo is as old as me?

  20. I would like her more if she didn't swear so much

  21. Who here remembers the first video they watched of cristine? Mine was the spiral heart gradient ❤️

  22. You swear I can’t Evan finish the video I segregate u don’t swear

  23. Dont dab to much dabs alot

  24. “Life is good,Life is great” says the “nail tech” right before breaking her nail

  25. Anyone else notice christian only breaks her nailns when she puts nail art that she wants to keep on

  26. And this is right before she broke her nail. R.I.P Cristines perfect nails!!!

  27. I’m here for What’s On My Other Hand ?

  28. Watching this knowing the betrayal coming

  29. This came from her broken nail vid.

  30. Sad she jinxed herself "life is good life is great" lol

  31. Did she ever show her nail breaking

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