Unicorn/Opal Chrome Nails + 3D Art

Hey Loves! I hope you guys enjoy this video.

The glitter from Glam and Glits that is similar to the ones I used is called “Platinum Pearl” and it is from their Fantasy Acrylic Collection, here is the link to purchase


  1. bless you very to the point videos beautiful my tasty

  2. That colour is Periwinkle, it's the exact colour of the flowers which are out right now here in Scotland!

  3. just absolutely beautiful job! 🙂

  4. Hello! I LOVE your work! Great job, awesome videos by the way. I have one question, i hope you get the time to answer. Since you work a lot with color acrylics, what do you do when they want a fill? Do you start all over, file down, or use polish on top?

  5. Can you do a video on how you shape the tips to baby coffins? Thank You

  6. Just noticed you're in Wesley Chapel! I want to go to nail tech school and I live in Tampa near USF. Where did you go for your nail education?

  7. hello love … and congratulations on your beautiful work i just had a quick question i know u use cnd l&p but what do u do about the smell cause i noticed cnd makes their liquid a little strong in smell

  8. Só vim dar like mesmo. Muito lindo!

  9. Hola saludos desde Guatemala muy buen trabajo! me encantan los glitter holigraficos ?

  10. very nice,.yes i do agree watch the video and enjoy.

  11. Que hermoso set Saludos desde Tijuana Mexico eres mi Favorita


  13. New subbie here????? omg I have found my new favorite YouTube channel ?? I can't wait to see what other nail designs you will be creating! TFS❤️

  14. I wish someone close to me could do nails like this!! you are amazing!!

  15. Can you do a step by step tutorial of applying acrylic please and thanks

  16. Are you a professional nail technician? If, so how long did it take you to finish. Very pretty set of nails.

  17. What are you using to pickup the crystals? Seems like a diy tool and Im curious

  18. are you using your axxium with a uv light? mine says only use with uv,can you buy an Led one?

  19. How do you do a fill on a color acrylic set? Can you please film a tutorial, that will help out a lot. Love ur work!!!

  20. Where do you get your nail brush from? Is it oval? Flat? Pinched? Your work is beautiful as always

  21. Looked better without the stones..
    But man are those flowers amazing.

  22. hi hun , could you share a link to some of the products you used , think this would help alot of ppl , im especially after the blueish acrylic and also the chrome type iridescent powder

  23. Hola me encanta tu trabajo como explicas todo en tus vídeos y me encanta tu lugar de trabajo. Me gustaría saber que liquidó usas.

  24. Hi can I ask what brand dehydrator you use and where you buy your sanding bits from? Mine are cheap and just burn :/

  25. Your 3D work is some of the best that I've seen on YT!

  26. A questions what size of brush you use, and you use gloves? Thanks

  27. sooooo beautiful!!! gonna make me those!!

  28. Love your work! What type of curing lamp do you use?

  29. Wow I really love all your work. Makes me wish I lived in your area lol

  30. We should do a colab ??? let me know of you want to
    I love your work

  31. I love this, Beautifullllllllll!!!!

  32. Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful!!! I love your work!

  33. how do you apply the glitter? do u mix a bit of acrylic powder with it?

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