Union Jack Flag Nails


  1. so nice, I have tried it and the result is so so so awesome

  2. she thinks that's the English flag, fuckin clueless!

  3. "or your love for a certain boyband"
    I just shouted when I heard it but then I realize that One Direction is a British-Irish boyband?????

  4. Love this❤️ I'm not the only one thinking of aph England re right?

  5. This is impossible for me

  6. I can now show my love for Dan and Phil, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Britain from Hetalia.

  7. رؤؤؤؤؤعه

  8. When you said "a certain boyband", everyone (almost) is thinking of 1D bu I'm like "the Vamps! the Vamps!" 😛

  9. The first 3 seconds reminded me of the TARDIS from Doctor Who

  10. Just stick with steps 1 and 3 and stop there ;D

  11. ik kijk altijt daar naar ik vin het heel leuk en tof

  12. I have a nail polish bottle from London. Awesome!

  13. I show my love to Aph England (Hetalia) with this nail art tbh

  14. one direction when i heard the boy band part lol and one of them is irish

  15. YASSS 1D!!!!!!!!!!!! But one of them should be the Irish flag because Niall is Irish

  16. I wanna wear this design since I like the band Queen.

  17. could you make a wales one, miss?

  18. Love it. Btw One D isn't the only English Boy band now a days aka The Vamps

  19. She says a certain boy band
    I'm just here because of the Beatles and Hetalia >.>

  20. One direction is British-Irish ?

  21. Certain boy band… ONE DIRECTION! Lol poor Niall got left out…

  22. You should have done 4 ?? and ?? for Niall

  23. The "certain boy band" was the Sex Pistols. at least that was the first to my mind ?

  24. Can you make spanish flag on your nails?

  25. tecnically he is referring to Union J,DUMBSHIT!!!!

  26. What is the best blue color to choose for this design??

  27. A certain boyband … :')

  28. "Loves a CERTAIN boyband"…
    Oh I know what she's talking about…
    She's a fan

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