Unistella Future Art Nails For You

I am not a fan of long nails so these short nail designs by Eun Kyung Park are perfect for me. As she is known in the instagram world @nail_unistella you can be just one of her 260.000 followers. Unique, creative, striking are just of the common descriptions for the nail creations by this nail artist. I even love the combinations she makes with the rings. Also she seems to be a top nail design influencer for many nail lovers in the world. And below we present you just some of her fabulous works:

1.We are familiar with these beautiful colors of Gingham patterns but I have never seen them so beautifully combined in nails:


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2.This is a video of her work:

3. And here is my favourite of all, this is so perfect(the second picture for me):

4.Now let’s have some Avengers nails (I should watch Avengers ) :

5. There is no need to have long nails, you can do it in your cute short nails and it will look great:


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6. A beautiful combination of rings that are mostly handmade by her. Unfortunately, she decided not to sell them online. I haven’t seen something like this before and I really find this idea so interesting.

7. Another beautiful idea by the Korean artist

이쁨 @tophandmodel #unistella #uniposca_nail

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I enjoyed all of them, and I admire this artist so far, she really seems to be promising in the nail art world!