Unlock Your Glutes For Bigger Growth | 8 Minute Workout To Develop A Rounder & Stronger Glutes!

This 10-minute workout starts with a stretching move to help loosen up those tight gluteal muscles. It’s a good practice to warm up by stretching your lower body before starting any glute routine. When this is done it will maximize your performance throughout the session and prevent injury.

To get the maximum glute pump from this routine do the whole circuit two times. Between each set you can rest for 20 to 30 seconds.

Go ahead and give it a try!


  1. Nice movie. However you can learn about workouts more. Just google for Unflexal instructions.

  2. I always love fq videos….they really work..lots of love ????

  3. I love all of your videos!❤Keep up the good work!!

  4. Omg thankyou so much for this video this is exactly what I need for my glute workouts

  5. Can you do more on getting bigger thighs? ❤️

  6. I am 15 years old and I’m going to be doing this workout once or twice a week. Let’s see the results?

  7. Question: I was wondering if any of your exercises will make my boobs smaller?

  8. I have seen a lot of video in which a lot of video is shown to make the butt big, but not everybody wants big butt but I want to do it

  9. great wirkouts as always?thanks for sharing

  10. Adding this to my routine ?

  11. So for other workouts besides this one when you say 2 sets 30 reps does that means on each side right?

  12. This channel should have a 1 mil subscribers

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