1. The link to the video about my lash extensions can always be found in the description box under FAQ's

  2. Very informative…and you are adorable!

  3. Ceku р

    Тысяч хочешьЯ эх ул Тут

  4. Never mix anything with natural aloe vera gel just a dap of vitamin e. Adding oil helps built dirt back on your face…defeats the purpose of the aloe plant being natural

  5. Does the black soap break your skin out ?

  6. Your skin is absolutely gorgeous!! ???

  7. ACV mixed with water is a great toner also. My face is clearing up really nice. Better than when I was seeing a dermatologist smh

  8. Yours nails ? Bomb I kept staring at it lol beautiful

  9. Girllllllllll i just wanna say… YOUR LASHES???

  10. instead of cutting it off, scrap it with a knife to really get the gel!

  11. When you live the Caribbean and you can literally walk out side and spot aloe

  12. Watching you use that knife made me so nervous… oh my God woman practice cutting things with the knife

  13. Do you use your plant up with the week?? Do they have smaller ones?

  14. You can save the gel but it has to stored in a glass jar, in the refrigerator, and it’ll last 1 week but I believe if you add vitamin E oil it’ll last 8 months ?

  15. What's the music in the background in the intro called please?

  16. A REAL FACE ROUTINE!! Yes girl????

  17. ??‍♀️Running to wholefoods

  18. You’re using a nice camera! What kind may i ask? I have to buy me one

  19. Since I’ve started applying aloe Vera gel on my face overnight (it’s been 3 weeks) some lil pimples came out of nowhere

  20. I used raw aloe vera gel from the plant as you did but by itself and I put it on my face, but it made my face burn and tingle bad after a while even tho it it did brighten my skin up the first time

  21. I buy 1-2 leaves and cut off the pulp Ina bowl and blend it until it is liquid, pour it in the IceCube tray and freeze it. Pop one out when ready to use, for face or hair.

  22. I always wondered if I was suppose to tone before or after. Thank you for answering that! Your skin is gorgeous!

  23. – You changed the way you pronounce “aloe” ???

  24. My face kinda became itchy after applying aloe. But not that itchy, and it didn't cause any allergic reactions tho. I've been using it since two days

  25. Do you like the lavendar mario badescu spray or the rose water one more ?

  26. i've been using aloe on my skin and hair for about a month and ? i noticed immediate results like a day later

  27. You have a LONG skin care routine, nice video!

  28. That's the biggest down fall with using fresh aloe it definitely doesn't last too long at all.

  29. Now I have to find a place that sells aloe leaves!

  30. What color is ur nail polish and if u remember the name please let me know because I love them very much ?

  31. The vanity planet link isn’t loading ?, I’m tryna order that set

  32. Have you thought of growing your own aloe? I suppose it depends on where you live , but I’m sure with a bit of research it could work .

  33. Love your nails. I have been wanting to try the aloe for my skin but I could not find any info on how long to keep it on. I will use toner before and after doing my weekly mask ❤

  34. Wow, I wish I could heal my scars like you did, it’s been 2 years and I cannot get rid of them, what worked best for you?

  35. If my dermatologist prescribe me tretinoin would the retinoid cream be the same thing if I were to use it after I finished the prescribed one? Like would it be a good substitute?

  36. Lucky we can’t zoom in on these thumbnails cause I don’t know about that frontal hunnty

  37. I love the quotes you put in your videos

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