Urban Decay NAKED SMOKY Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Since I Received the Naked Smoky Palette for Christmas I’ve been itching to do a look with it for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy this makeup look! -Roxi

Products Used:

    • Urban Decay Primer Potion
    • Urban Decay Smoky Palette
    • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
    • Sigma Line Ace Liner
    • Rimmel Exaggerate liner
    • YSL Mascara
    • Sleek Highlighter Solstice -Equinox
    • YSL Touche Eclat Concealer
    • Rimmel Lip Liner – Cappuccino
    • Qi Best Liquid Lipstick – Shade 18


  1. omg i die over this pallet so pretty! And the packaging is amazing too!

  2. u never fail me!!!!!!
    from all the way in nz here and I have to say ur just the best
    havnt ever been able to find good enough channels for make up until I found urs so thank you sooo much
    love ur looks!!! ur definatly my make up hero!!!!! 🙂 keep up the good work gal btw love ur hair!!!!!!

  3. very beautiful make up…a fairy night looks like ??

  4. what's the name of the eyeliner you use?

  5. Lovely tutorial

  6. This is the best makeup tutorial you've ever done ??? and that was difficult to pick, cause all of them are perfect ?

  7. Whenever I try to do a smokey eye I end up looking like a raccoon ???

  8. hi! im from the philippines and I love all your video tutorial.

  9. اشكد حلوة صدقة لمحمد اتخبلين ????????

  10. what type of camera do you use for filming? amazing video! loved it!

  11. Am I too late to compliment you?? You are really awesome. I wish I was you lil' sister so that i wont be having any trouble when it talks to girly stuffs like this. Please do notice me. 🙂

  12. You are gorgeous! Love your makeup!

  13. I love this so I need people's opinions…
    I don't have any palettes by any good makeup brands I only buy cheap makeup and now I'm like screw it I want nice makeup what palette should I get? I like looks like this smokey dark makeup shimmers idk what to do do I need more than one help????!!!!!! I'm a 24 year old cheapo with no idea what's out there makeup wise …yes my grammar sucks sorry

  14. I'm in love with your accent ahah I'm jealous ! 😀

  15. your eyes are so beautiful… I will try this later…. watching your make up tutorials really inspired me.

  16. you should do a Courtney Love pink shades makeup tutorial !!

  17. Love this look! What color did you use on your inner corner??

  18. you are beauty queen hope you give reply to my comnts too ?

  19. woow this look is amazing and you so amzing in this makeup ?_?

  20. sooo pretty 🙂 I really liked this look on you

  21. Really gorgeous look, not ott!

  22. yassss please do more tutorials with this palete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u


  24. Ach to Ty jesteś Polką! subskrybuję Cię od jakiegoś czasu i dopiero teraz się zorientowałam (trafiłam na vlog w Polski). To wyjaśnia mleko łaciate i serek danio, które pokazałaś w którymś filmie 😀 Coś przeczuwałam, bo widać, że masz słowiańską urodę, ale genialnie mówisz po angielsku. Strasznie fajna z Ciebie dziewczyna, szkoda, że nie prowadzisz kanału po polsku ale cieszę się, że odniosłaś sukces na brytyjskim YT. Życzę Ci wszystkiego najlepszego i czekam na kolejne filmy. PS: strasznie chciałabym usłyszeć jak mówisz po polsku!:)

  25. Omg! You are literally my fav Youtuber ever! Your so pretty and perfect and I hope you read this! Love you a lot!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. how are you not a victoria secret model

  27. you look gorgeous,love you ❤

  28. definitely more looks with this palette! been dabbling with it, and your makeup always looks so good!!

  29. Hi! can you pleaaase do a review of all those brushes you use? which are the best and also cca price and maybe which arent that good but affordable? thanks a lot! btw you are my first favourite bloger/vloger yet! 😉

  30. New subscriber. Love this look! ?

  31. Could you do more naked 1 makeup tutorials, because I love your makeups reaaally much but I have only naked 1 ?❤️?

  32. Also what song is this at the end? Love it! x

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