Use Glitter On Your Nails Perfectly!

Glitter Nail Art! In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to use glitter perfectly on your nails. These sparkling tips are perfect for New Years, prom, a wedding, a holiday party, or any special occasion that you’d like to dress up for! This manicure will have you sparkling and shining!


  1. love it came out exactly like I wanted

  2. wait what if you don't have long nails??

  3. o m g. what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!……….

  4. I want to grow my nails so should I put the base coat on a daily basis??

  5. ur nails are very long and look very healthy and wat a great tutorial ?????????????????????????

  6. how the glitter of the french manicure don,t wipe off the nail!

  7. Aaaaaaah I SUCCESSFULLY DID MY NAILS PERFECTLY LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!??? Thank you so much!!

  8. Yaaaaassss! I will do these nails in new year! Although it's far away ?

  9. Sorry sand y but you are to perfect and perky

  10. who else is watching in 2016

  11. i have watched dis video for almost 7 times but i still keep enjoying it….donno y!!!???

  12. These nails are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i will try i will just half to use different glitter

  14. I cannot grow a French tip !!!!! But this is the perfect design for it

  15. Is it okay yo use gold because I don't have a silver polish?

  16. you—are fabsome

  17. I like the nail art arts frm cute polish

  18. um id u have short nails could u just pt nail glue or white fingernail polish on ur tips then dip it in the glitter???

  19. who else finds it creepy when she says take care and I'll see you next time???

  20. i love ur wedding rings

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