‘V’ shaped glitter placement nail art


  1. I heard One Direction, IM HERE.

  2. The first video with a intro and a voiceover!!!

  3. I need peel porn from this :0

  4. “Add a really thick coat of glossy top coat” my soul died a little.

  5. Am I early?

    Edit: No. I just checked the description. In fact, I am REALLY late

  6. Wait this nail art isn’t “v” shaped :p

  7. Dare you make fun of my HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Did anyone think of BTS? Or just me?

  9. Do another glitter placement! I would love to see currently Simply Nailogical retry her old designs

  10. Her hand was shaking when she was putting on the blue nail polish

  11. At school I usually colour nails with permanent marker?


  13. Thought she meant Kin TaeHyung lol

  14. hey simplynailogical I know you probably won't reply but I don't have a peel off base coat and only liquid latex and I'm wondering if I use the liquid latex to use on my nails will it be a sin like putting glue on your nails as a peel off base coat?

  15. “V”as in TAEHYUNG who like bts you’ll kno who is taehyung

  16. She made a chevron pattern and I love it

  17. Instead of spending 6 hours on all of my nails I only spend 3 hours on an accent nail on my left hand

  18. Hi wow she was so nice back then!!!!!!! So much has changed lol jk

  19. When you NEED to go to the toilet and see h?l? nail polish in the intro…

  20. Imagine if she did both hands in one day…

  21. When cristine discovered h?l?…

  22. Did anyone start the video and had their volume way to loud and the intro but you.

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