Valentines Day Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair!! – KayleyMelissa

Get Date Night ready with these Valentines Day Hairstyles for long and short hair! Or you know, just you live your best single life with awesome hair styles!

I hope you guys enjoy this year’s valentine’s hairstyle tutorial! Whether you celebrate or not, these are some great hairstyles and braids to try out in your routine!


  1. Where is that red and pink dress from? I love it!

  2. Love you with short hair btw

  3. wait how did you have short and long hair??

  4. Does anyone think Valentine's day is a merchandise holiday unless you have a bae? (BTW I don't have one.)

  5. I subscribed and turned post notifications on!!! ❤️?????

  6. Totally wearing the last one ! I’m so proud I mastered the rope braid

  7. Your editing is nice but can you do some longer shots of the hair styles instead of so many jump cuts? It's hard for me to see the whole look of it without having to pause the video.

  8. You look so cute with the short hair wig!!!! ??

  9. Love your pink net dress from where did you get that??

  10. Hello, I love all of your videos. Please please share where you got the red/pink top/dress. Much love.

  11. Please kayley get a dark hair wig because sometimes the hairstyles on my dark hair don't show up…

    (Sigh) the light haired people have it so easy.
    Like if you agree?

  12. I really liked the french rope braid bun!!! Also…could you do a video on hairstyles for growing out bangs?? Thank you so much! Your videos are great!

  13. Your side part face is so awesome. Your the best!

  14. short hair looks so good on you ?? and I really like the last one ?

  15. YES KAYLEY!! Love all of them and definitely trying for V-day! ❤️❤️

  16. Love this Kayley! ?
    Since prom/wedding season is coming up, can you do a formal updos video?!

  17. الله تخبل هاي التسريحه بس صعبه

  18. My friend's birthday is on Valentine's

  19. You look like Sabrina the Teenage Witch with short hair ^_^ <3

  20. I love your videos, idk if you'll see this but I love that your videos aren't like 20 minutes long yet they totally explain everything AND we get a little idea of your personality which is great! ♡

  21. You look like Emeliaclark☺

  22. I love that you do these for both short and long hair! I’d love to see a lot more everyday/casual short and long hair looks too! And maybe some more formal ones too? I always have a hard time finding tutorials as good as yours. Thanks!

  23. Hi Kayley! Could you do a tutorial on Keirnan Shipka's faux mohawk updo?

  24. How can I make braids stick out in reddish brown or just brown hair?


  26. Can I just say that you look so much like Britt Robertson

  27. 35k views in one day… so many lucky girls getting ready for their Valentine!!! 
    I am all alone whatever

  28. I love watching your videos and you inspired me to do my own one.. I would be so happy if you check it out 🙂

  29. I love your videos! They are so easy to follow 🙂 Going to try that French braid with a ribbon tomorrow!

  30. Could you do a graduation hairstyles video?

  31. Does anyone know where she got the cute half red half pink shirt?

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