Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial ♡ | Jaclyn Hill

MAC Prolong Wear Concealer
MAC Grain & Bamboo e/s
Sigma Eye Pencil 
Esqido Lashes
Ponds Makeup Removing Towelettes –
Smashbox Luminizing Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

nastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Auburn/Chocolate –
Sigma Brow Highlighting Pencil
MAC Shroom
Anastasia Contour Palette
MAC Melba Blush
MAC Whisper Of Gilt
Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black
Urban Decay ‘Native’ Lipstick
Maybelline Petal Pusher

I know my eyebrows are too strong for this look. I did not have the time to fix them because I needed to go. I speak about it in the video and in the future will NOT be filling them in like this…so please be kind. They are just brows.


  1. You remind me so much of Scarlett O'hara with the way your makeup, eyebrows and hair are done here. Very pretty.

  2. This is still my favorite look of yours

  3. When she used to look beautiful!!! ?

  4. Here she actually feels like a person not like a wild animal like lately

  5. who watch this on 2018?
    love you jaclyn

  6. Loving this eye look!! In some of the frames you looked like Elizabeth Taylor!

  7. came from the drunk grwm and bitchhhhh these brows

  8. Biiiiiiiiitttchhhh ! ???Those brows ??

  9. When I used to enjoy her videos unlike now pure drama and overrated expressions

  10. "Bitch with the brows" ??? ?

  11. deff not here because of the drunk GRM….

  12. who came from drunk tutorial to see them brows?

  13. Any one watching in 2017 the drunk get ready with me said she hates these brows her voice sounds so different from this video than now like if you watching in 2017

  14. Drunk get ready brought me here ?????

  15. Totally here from your drunk makeup tutorial ??

  16. Blast from the past… 2017…Had to see them brows ???

  17. Whoooaaa are there no morphe brushes in this? What happend to sigma?

  18. Jaclyn! Those brows lmao I love you so much! And the intro hahahah

  19. You said in your new video you hated your brows here but I would take these brows if we could still have this Jaclyn


  21. Anyone else come to watch this after Jaclyn mentioned this in the drunk get ready with me with Jackie ?? I was like "oh I see the brows now!"

  22. Ok so maybe the brows were a liiiiiil off…. lol still a great tuut though! ?

  23. Anyone watching after watching the drunk get ready with me

  24. I hate what negative comments did to her

  25. Here from the drunk tutorial! LMAO

  26. girl PLEASE don't delete this video i love it so much despite your intense eyebrows ??

  27. You know what video I came from ?

  28. PLEASE don't EVER delete this video!! I still reference it all these years later for the soft romantic eye look. It's my fav!! Just watched your drunk makeup video and gasped when you said you wanted to delete it ?

  29. Ooh. I get you Jaclyn. But I still love you this was in the past it's okay you're doing great sweetie ❤❤

  30. Bitch with the brows ? still love this makeup look thank you for reminding me of it

  31. Had to see what you were talking about in your drunk tutorial

  32. The brows don't look that bad. I don't get why she wants to delete this


  34. who came here after watching the drunk tutorial ????

  35. Whoaaa. Is it just me or does Jaclyn's nose look totally different now??

  36. who's here from her drunk video in 2017???

  37. Who's watching in 2017 because Jaclyn mentioned it in her lastest video ???

  38. Is this the video you were talking about in your most recent video??? The drunk GRWM with Jackie??? Your BROWS DONT LOOK BAD BABY GURL!!! ??

  39. Who's here from her last Drunk Get Ready With Me?

  40. Who else is coming from her drunk get ready with me?

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