Valentine’s Day Nail Art


  1. The second design looks like she stuck her fingers in candy. I like it.

  2. loved the dots! I'm going to copy this but in a different base color… ❤?

  3. Love your nails in this video Susie!

  4. suzie i love your channel. please do a video on refil with glitter on existing gel polish without removing the gel polish which creates an ombre effect

  5. I love the dots, they remind me of the artist Klimts work. His flowers look similar to dots you did there on your clients nail. His famous piece of work being the lovers, very appropriate for valentine's day being round the corner.

  6. The pen looks easier to control than a brush Suzie.

  7. I love the first one the most it is so beautiful

  8. Hi Suzzie
    I love your work and would like to know if you could do a dual system form video
    – Maria

  9. Suzie I love your channel, and I love your nails, and I love when you do women's nails and you turn women's nails so pretty!!!!??

  10. her nails look like cute little candies cx

  11. Susie, I just started watching your videos tonite. Can you please tell me where i can get those dotting tools. I have seen a few videos now and you seem to use them for a number of differnt things. Thanks so much.:)

  12. I love watching your nail videos !! is there a certain place your at so I can get my nails done by you ?? I love the designs you do . can you get back to me soon thank you

  13. i love your style of working and designs 🙂 just a question, what kind of paint/ nailpolish do you use for your calligraphy pen? and were did you buy it?

  14. do tangled nails soon please.

  15. You should do a nail art for prom!

  16. Way too much. It's over kill. Keep it classy. Cute but not your best work. I have seen better. Too much dots!!!

  17. I love your creativity, Suzie! However, I'm not a fan of the second design with dots – I have trypophobia and a bunch of random dots creep me out.

  18. You are the most cute woman in the world 🙂 i just love too watch your videos…..

  19. can you please do an ombre heart?

  20. I really like the designs! They're so unique and cute!~

  21. you're the best nail educator I've ever seen

  22. hi suzie its me again lol just wondering if I could ask your advice on something I am looking to buy some dotting tools but there are so many on the amazon website I don't know which to choose could you please tell me which would be the best to buy thank you. xx

  23. You should do a water marble design!!??

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