Valentines Hairstyles for Short & Long Hair Tutorial

Here’s a hair tutorial for Valentines Day hairstyles for short and long hairstyles! I hope you enjoy this date night ready how to!

I think a lot of times a hairstyle can be done on both short / medium and long hair, so I thought I’d do a hairstyle tutorial on just that! It helps that these waves and braids are easy and quick to do! Even a braided updo you can do on short hair!

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49 thoughts on “Valentines Hairstyles for Short & Long Hair Tutorial

  1. Loved the short hair too! I have shorter hair and there is not many good tutorials out there. Please make more of these!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️

  2. I really love the Casual But Cute hairstyle because in ur natural hair colour, there's light a dark pieces that make the Dutch braids look really cool!

  3. Love this video! So happy you modeled it on both short and long hair! So creative and really helps any girl out there! 🙂

  4. Hi Kayley can you do a hairstyle from Carrie Underwood she have great hairstyles and she is one of my favorite singer. 😍💋❤

  5. Hey Kayley, what a great video! I love that you show the looks on both the long and the short hair. You are so great! Please keep on going 🙂 <3

  6. These hairstyles were great.
    Your hair looked sooo voluminous in the short hair wig.
    Would you ever cut your hair that short?

  7. I used your long hairstyles for every occasion. I haven't had super short hair in a very long time. I finally took the plunge and cut off 16 inches to donate. It'll take a while to learn how to manage my new hair but I'm excited to try your looks.

  8. Amazing as always! So lovely that you did both short and long hair versions! This video must have taken forever to film. Please know it was appreciated! 🙂 I might try out that half-up style for a formal I have next week.

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