Vampy Grunge Fall / Autumn Makeup Tutorial

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! I have another grunge look for you guys!! hope you enjoy it!
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Song: Vallis Alps – Reprieve (Subranger Remix)


  1. I like you alot but I really wish you would slow down. you move so fast so it's so hard to keep up with you.

  2. I am watching your video for the first time and you are so beautiful without makeup!! Subscribed 🙂

  3. I'm so in love with your hair! wich products do you use to dye it? 😀

  4. I srsly don't want to watch another video of you because you're so freaking perfect and i'm a potato. You're voice is so cute and I want your face lol

  5. I love your videos so much, you are beautiful. Your accent is So pretty! Just wondering what songs you used? I really like them but have no idea what their called 😀 Thank you!??

  6. wait, you had nothing on your skin at the beginning?!?! oh my sweet lord

  7. "for the fall and autumn"
    those are the same thing

  8. oh my god i don't understand why you put on makeup you are already perfect i just can't you are flawless i swear

  9. omg you're sooooooo beautiful!!! im obsessed w your videos <3

  10. This makeup reminds me a photo of Cara Delevingne

  11. You do not need foundation, your skin in flawless!?

  12. U really remind me of astrid from how to train your dragon haha

  13. you are more beautiful without make up..

  14. Your skin is amazing unlike my red blotchy spotty skin

  15. You remind me of sophie turner

  16. she's one of those 'jawline better than my future' type girls

  17. youre gorgeous and this is such a good video xx

  18. I am in LOVE this makeup look! I also have a Fall/Autumn Makeup Tutorial on my channel. It would mean the world to me if you checked it out! I'm a New subbie! 🙂

  19. AWE your gorgeous! i love your accent

  20. you look really pretty in this video

  21. your soo pretty and oh my gosh your eyes are beautiful!

  22. I love these videos even though I have ABOSOLUTELY NO MAKEUP apart from a kohl pencil and mascara ?

  23. Where did you get your hat it's so cute?!!!!! Ps I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP TUTORIALS!

  24. omfg this is the only tutorial ive ever found using the balm that i love omfg i have the products i can actually do the look im so happy

  25. Gosh you're soooo gorgeous ? ❤️

  26. I srsly need to know what is this hair color ?

  27. Dude you're gorgeous even without make up like wow.

  28. Ur soo amazing! ?? ur face goals!!! And I'm obsessed with ur videos!!

  29. you are sooo pretty with or without make ups xoxo

  30. hi pretty. can you tell me what you products of mac in this video ?

  31. i just discovered your channel, and I LOVE it

  32. what is that powder for, setting foundation, whats the use??? does anybody know:(?

  33. what is that powder for, setting foundation, whats the use??? does anybody know:(?

  34. You're so pretty and i love the make-up!?

  35. Oh my god , your skin is so good I thought you were already wearing foundation before you applied it! X

  36. I'm obsessed with your channel you are the CUTEST <3 kisses from Brazil

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