VEGAS HAUL: Chippendales Shirt + Britney Spears Pictures + Pink + Forever21 + MORE


  1. u look like cutiepiemarzia here…..but u look gorgeouos

  2. I feel like I've been so MIA on your videos lately!! Exams life ?but doing all my catching up now!!!! (even though I still have one left, but it's on monday so its cool ?)

  3. i'm going to vegas in january so this gave me some ideas 🙂 just discovered your channel i love it!

  4. Didnt you say you got fired from your last job?? then hkw are you going to vacation and doing all these hauls ?? i want to know your secret!

  5. Your hair is so beautiful guurl! ?❤️?

  6. I love your videos nicoletta ?? it would mean so much if u watch my first video ❤️ ily???

  7. I want to know how mane &tail works for you 🙂

  8. ?Hey amazing people 🙂 please subscribe i'm doing a giveaway when i hit 100 subs! ❤️ thanks ?

  9. Omg this is so amazing, Loved d video so much ….

  10. Your curls are so beautiful in this vid 😀 <3 love you Nicole. So jealous u got to see Britney btw! lol

  11. How do you find time to upload every other day? Are you in school? (BTW props either way because either way that's a lot

  12. You have quickly become my favorite youtuber!

  13. Such a nice haul <3 Hope you had fun in Vegas!

  14. Love your hall videos, hope you had an amazing day!! 🙂

  15. I love how you upload so often! Ily ?☺️?

  16. and I have that Shampoo and conditioner

  17. love you and you got a lot of stuff and its really pretty and can you follow me on insertgram at BRITTNEY_love_2

  18. You've been uploading so much recently I love it! Slayyy ?????

  19. Awesome haul! Absolutely love this background view!

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    Love you ??

  21. I love the clothes and I hope u had a lot of fun

  22. 17th and I love you so much?
    You look so Gorgeous in the Thumbnail
    Love the background❄️❄️

  23. I loved this video especially because its a haul! i messaged you about your videos if you want to check that out:)

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