Very original Back to School nail art




  1. I actually use colored pencils almost everyday in school ?

  2. If u love in a school that u can't wear nail polishes sh then damn that school

  3. what was that? i couldnt hear you over the sound of gunshots.

  4. When you use colored pencil in school

  5. Crowns? You mean crayons right?

  6. I like this Kristin better than the one with makeup, Why cant you just go back to when the makeup didnt exist.

  7. idk what she's talking about. i don't see any crowns on her nails, i only see crayons

  8. it sounds like she was saying crown instead of crayon

  9. She should recreate this using school supplies. (NO ACRYLIC PAINT)

  10. I though I was the only one who says crayons like that.. Oops!

  11. Fuck school I have to go back to school in 2weeks RAGE

  12. See, I don't get an a in art class because I have an "behavior problem" and "need to respect my teachers"

  13. Kinda jealous if her french immersion school. I took french 3 years, learned basically nothing. I'm pretty sure I'd be great after 12 years lol

  14. You do know that you say "crown" instead of "crayon"

    go back to school

    to learn how to say crayon

  15. throwback to last year when cristine actually made nail tutorials

  16. Im ancient no need for school cause im already a smartass

  17. Can someone tell me what song played when she was applying the Holo taco.

  18. The holo just covered up the crayons

  19. (messes up nail art) puts holo glitter polish on makeup sponge and sponges holo all of the nail FIX IT

  20. not even gonna say it. simply nailogiclish is not meant to be understood

  21. how's about the school without the holo

  22. She's almost thirty, not married, has no children, and is a cat lady. THATS MY GURRL

  23. crowns? I thought it was crayons. CRAYONS

  24. The last day of school is tomorrow I'm so sad

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