Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeup 2012 (Full Face!)

I can’t believe its this time of year again! The holidays are approaching and so is the ever so popular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They had the show last month but it is airing this week. I am so excited to see it, Adriana Lima is by far the most beautiful woman alive! Hope you enjoy my version of this years makeup look for the fashion show!! I know the intro is dramatic for this video, but I wanted to give it a victorias secret commerical type feel 😉 XOX love to you all!

Products Used:
Urban Decay De Slick
Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer
MAC Mineralize SKin Finsih Medium Dark
Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer- Radiant
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Whitening Lightning Brow bar Get Discount:
****Coupon Code: ZBROW
Loreal True match powder Cocoa
Peachykeen MAC blush
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Soft & Gentle
Laura Mercier Concealer
Maybelline Quad Strut it Suede
Loreal telescopic mascara
MAC Gel liner
*I used two Andrea individual lashes one on each end of the eye to add a more doe eye look
Jordana Cosmetics TAWNY lipliner
Urban Decay gloss that comes with NAKED 2 Palette

MAC: 219,213,129,130,224, 217, 109,
Sephora PRO airbrush concealer brush
BHUMI Genius Face

Pink Juicy Couture Robe

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  1. wow your makeup skills have improved since then

  2. what happen to all the views on this video??

  3. @carlibybel what is the name of the gloss? You only said it came with the Urban Decay pallet… Do you know the name? I this that this look is amazing on you! I know it is a few years old but you look fab!

  4. Subtítulos en español lo hubieses puesto

  5. i followed it and i looked so different, contoured. thanks nice one

  6. This is probably one of my favourite tutorial she looks so beautiful ?

  7. carli you are fantastic,you are amazing.<3 great job.adore you

  8. Fantastic job. And your hair is everything.

  9. Wow Carli your hair is the shiniest softest most supple I've ever seen it in this video it's gorgeous!!! You should do it like this again! Your hair is so gorgeous no matter what but it's just flowing and shining here LOVE!!!

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  11. Out there are so many beauty gurus but every one of them use lenses or photoshop yourethe only one with a naturall stunning beauty lya

  12. Do you have a hair tutorial for this?

  13. i love your videos carly love you

  14. Can you do a hair tutorial on this look, or do you already have one? thanks!!

  15. omg you look so pretty! I am not being mean i luv u and ur vids but i strongly feel like you look so gorgeous with more meat on your bones! your face is fuller in the older vids and you look so much younger and fresher before you lost weight! just sayin ! luv u xxoo riss

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  17. You look like Candice in the beginning

  18. تهبلين شكلش عذاب فيري نايس الميكب

  19. You're so pretty! I love your makeup!!!!!! Check out my channel!

  20. I love your hair….breathtaking. I dont know what to say. OMG.

  21. Hi, I'm sorry but I think someone is using your pics for a fake account, hopefully you read this comment, I don't know how to send a private message so I had to do it using this method, once again I'm very sorry

  22. Wooow!! Bellissimo make-up

  23. You could be a victoria secret model

  24. God your eyes are so pretty 🙂

  25. I just started making makeup videos 4 weeks ago would be soo happy if it was checked out. 🙂 🙂

  26. you could be a Victorias secret model!

  27. finally, an actual good video for this tutorial. thank you

  28. You are so beautiful you can be victoria secter angel:)

  29. Self esteem plument.So pretty that is not even legit

  30. I love ur makeup ideas and all but ur buitifull the way u r

  31. wow I wish I was good as you in makeup. I just love how your willing to help others.

  32. this make up is made for you *.*

  33. like your make up…you're like perfectionist

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