Vintage Mod Beauty- NYX Face Awards


  1. Loved the look.! Pls upload hair tutorials too (for rhis look)thanks!

  2. I just discovered your channel this morning! Absolutely love your creative, girly videos and you are super sweet!! Your channel is definitely one I'd share with my friends and sisters?? Lots of love from Dubai!

  3. super video processing, light. idea great video

  4. Your channel prosto.Otdyhayu find, well, just what relaks.Do cute and cuddly chelovek.A yes more than what you look like Tina Kandelaki

  5. Pretty! For some reason you look like Danica McKellarm(Winnie cooper) from The Wonder Years. 🙂 it's a good thing though.

  6. you are so creative in making your videos 😉

  7. Thank you I hope you get to vote this time around =)

  8. I just posted a new video i Hope you like it =)

  9. Awwww thank you so much for watching my videos!! =)

  10. Thank you so much that really means a lot to me I really put my heart and soul in making my videos!!

  11. Thank you! I'm glad you like my videos!

  12. you look like blair form gossip girl

  13. Just ran across your channel, so glad I did! Loved this video 🙂

  14. christen your by far the best that i have seen in this video challenge…so creative! love it…im glad you did a seperate vlog chanel so we can get to know you better!!

  15. dude the editing in this video is awesome! im going to vote for you! 🙂 Great job

  16. So I know that everyone hates adds, but I just started a beauty channel and I have a beach essentials video up that y'all might enjoy! Please take 4 minutes to go to my channel and watch my video! I think you might like it! 🙂

  17. Christen you are the best on what you do. My daughter and I love you and we always watch your videos

  18. i loved this video so much!!! plz make more videos, i love watching them!!!

  19. you are so cute, i voted 2 times yesterday 🙂

  20. Hi Christen, really hope you will take some time out of your busy schedule to check out my channel ☺ I'm having a giveaway of high end Australian makeup! Thanks and good luck in the NYX awards!


  22. Thank you JADEN YOU THE BEST!!

  23. Thank you so much i never realized my voice before : ) thank you i was always the soft spoken one but now i get so many sweet comments on my voice it really makes me feel good : )

  24. yay hi there from hollend : )

  25. Thank you beautiful girly!!

  26. thank you maria!!!! xoxoxo

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