VISIBLE HAIR REPAIR AFTER ONE USE?!?!? | SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Line


  1. um why didn't u leave the treatment in like the directions said?

  2. Why are all these reviews conditioning their hair before the protein treatment? That makes no sense???

  3. Hi! So Im having an issue where the front of my hair like rightttt in the middle wont curl? but the rest of my hair has beautiful kinky curls. What can I do to get my texture back? Im not sure whats wrong with it. I want to try this line but what else can I use to restore my curl pattern?

  4. The way you present/edit your videos is so nice

  5. Where did you get your shower caddy

  6. I neeeeeed to try that split end balm. That’s super creative of them to even come up with that and for it to actually work!!!

  7. Want these products even tho i cant find then in the UK. ?

  8. My curls look just like yours what’s your hair type

  9. Just did my hair with this line and I love it my end that are usually wavy as super curly!!!!!!! Thanks for the video??

  10. all these comments from scientist who studied the chemistry of hair lol…. anyway it's good you had a control side of your hair that you cleansed and conditioned btw to demonstrate the difference between using just shampoo and conditioner and then going further to use a mask and a treatment…

  11. Love thanks for the review! I bought these products on the strength of this video! They indeed work and I just want to thank you! This was my first time trying their products altogether! I’m now a fan! I did get the leave in milk too from your video after this one! Love love love! Keep informing us love! ??

  12. obviously shes comparing her ends after one wash I don't understand the confusion… shes letting u know if the product really works she doesn't need to use another mask to prove that lol sad that this has to be explained

  13. I can definitely see the difference in your ends bc the curls just clumped up so nicely

  14. What foundation are u wearing? Your skin looks flawless

  15. It's her first comparison video, don't expect everything to be perfect from the get go, it's a learning process. Anyways I always love your videos, so calming

  16. I feel like it’d be better to compare the treatment side with another treatment that you love to see how it lives up to your fav product. Because normally it’s a no brainer that a product side will always be better than a no product side but that’s my opinion ❤️ love you and this video

  17. each product has protein in it?

  18. Wow, the definition that you had after applying the treatment!! I really wanna try this line ! It even looked like it stretched your hair a bit but it could have just been because of the water. Lol either way, you got bomb results.

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