Voluminous Every Day Curls / Waves

Here’s a tutorial for the curling method I’ve been in love with lately! Sorry for doing two curling videos in a row. We’ll take a break from the heat next week 😀

What I’m wearing:

  • Nails: Butter London Slapper with a matte topcoat


  • Eyes: lorac pro palette
  • Cheeks: Milani Luminoso Blush, Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Powder
  • Lips: Too Faced La Creme in Marshmallow Bunny and Maybelline Lipgloss


  1. hey kayley i love u and your videos I just wanna knw that what is the name and brand of the curling iron that u used in this video 

  2. Just tried this and my hair looks amazing!!! I'm ready to look awesome for a great night. Thanks Kayley

  3. That makes no sense why aren't they

  4. what temp was your curling iron?

  5. where did you get your makeup storage thing???? its soo amazing!

  6. Your rolling the hair back up and pinning it trick was a life saver when i did my sisters hair for her wedding. Her hair is crazy straight and fine and does not hold a curl at all. But, i watched one of your videos, and i tried that with her hair, and she looked picture perfect through all the pictures and the wedding and everything. Thank you so much for what you do! It has helped me a lot! 😀


  8. Its the Cortex 4 in 1. I have the same one and it's awesome!

  9. your hair color is beautiful! 😀

  10. @GlitterTullyMully she has a whole vid on it 🙂

  11. I think it's the 1" from the Cortex 4 in 1

  12. @berrjeet its an amica curling wand

  13. can u pleeeaasse do a how to grow out your hair healthy fast and long!! like so she can see!

  14. I have the same curling wand! What level of heat did you use? Very helpful video by the way!

  15. Wow so pretty:) lol I have never used heat protectant, thanks for the tip'

  16. how much was that iron and where did you get it??? i've been looking everywhere for one like that! like this so she answers? THANK YOUUU

  17. Her hair is naturally straight.

  18. I love all your videos, but I have really thick hair and have trouble curling it, could you do a video for curling with thick hair. Thanks 🙂

  19. no, it's her natural hair. sorry i'm the one that replied

  20. Do you straighten our hair before you curl your hair?

  21. how do you get your hair sooo straight??

  22. Where did you get your little pink brush thingy

  23. Hi. What curling iron are you using here? Thanks. x

  24. I saw a band aid on her finger. what happened?

  25. I love that your videos are short, quick and easy too follow!!!! Thank you xxxx

  26. yeah. i am lucky to get my gift ghd Gold Max for nothing. Listen to this, you just need to give email addrss and tell them where you want to send. i found it here –> bit.ly/Y7yT6d?=bmnxu

  27. i learned how to curl my hair different ways! Keep on doing it, because it helps us have variety 🙂 your amazing at hair!

  28. are you getting paid by tresemme or do you just genuinely love the products?
    you seem to hype the brand up a lot

  29. Is this is an Amika or a cortex curling iron?

  30. except mine is a bit more looser

  31. meh, this is my natural hair texture

  32. you are so pretty! I love your hair!

  33. U should do a video on how to make a bump on yr hair

  34. what is the curling iron you use and what is that pin brush called? thanks! love your videos and i think you're reallyyy pretty! 🙂

  35. Are you endorsed by Tresemme?

  36. will this work just as well with a 1 inch curling iron that has a clamp?

  37. I love this video! I was wondering on your other channel or this one if you want if you could do a video on low self esteem or bullying- stuff like that???

    Thanks, Caitlin

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