Warm Summer Makeup Tutorial Modern Renaissance Palette | Laura Lee

Hey Larlee’s This is a warm summer makeup tutorial using the Modern Renaissance Palette. I love this palette, and the blue contacts lol. I think it is awesome to change things up a bit 🙂 I used all matte shades for this warm summer makeup tutorial and it was easy to create. Can you believe I did not wear a nude lip. lol I finally changed it up. Thank for watching babes xo – Laura



D I S C O U N T – C O D E S


  1. She should try a different color of contacts! Those are not flattering at all.

  2. Mal-fe-cent ?????? im DYING! Only you LL??

  3. Hey Laura! I really think you're beautiful and hilarious! And I had the courage to start my own youtube account because of you and your reaction to your first video, so thank you very much! 🙂

  4. This was my first video that I watched of yours and here I am watching your videos late at night like an addict. You have taught me so much and I'm so happy to have found you ?

  5. I just started getting serious with my makeup and you are my go to. I just thought I'd tell yah I love ya and your hilarious. #beautygoals

  6. omg u look so much like ashley benson!!!

  7. I'm digging this look! You look beautiful

  8. She said "oh shit! That's dried on there good." lol I love Laura Lee! ?

  9. OMG! I can't stop watching the contact in your eye wandering around…hahahahahaha

  10. Beautiful!  I'm a nude lip girl too! :0)

  11. Where did you get your contact lenses?

  12. where did you get your contacts

  13. You look like a totally other person with the contacts.

  14. I feel like Anastasia palettes are so unique

  15. I've literally binge watched your channel for the passed 3 days! i keep commenting but i love your channel you're great and a true inspiration!!!

  16. Hey eye makeup?? why cant i do this??

  17. You look so different and pretty with the contact lenses

  18. What is ur eye contact brand

  19. Where did you get your choker?! Luuuuuurve it

  20. Can you do more looks with your pallet please!!

  21. Wow, those contacts look amazing! They really suit the look!

  22. You're so funny!? I love your videos and your makeup?

  23. your really talented and beautiful but your tutorials are always the same drill..wish you wud try new techniques etc

  24. You're eyes look amazing with those contacts ?

  25. You look like a different person with contact lenses! Wow the difference! Great makeup look by the way. xo

  26. in the thumbnail I totally thought Kim Kardashian… I really love this look

  27. Can you do a skin care routine because I been breaking out alot lately.??✌

  28. Please! I love your Channel and your personality and I just wanna be like you. Your so quirky and fun and an inspiration to all your followers. IG: andr_fp

  29. You with blue eyes just moreee beautiful ?????????

  30. does she have grey hairs or am i just seeing things


  32. girl you look be looking poppin'?

  33. this makeup look was just beautiful i loved the blue contacts just lovely but omg i can't believe your contact fell out but your sill beautiful girl you slay that look????????❤❤❤❤

  34. Wow, never seen you with different colour contacts in! I do agree though, you don't look like you anymore 🙁 xxx

  35. Please could you do a kids makeup tutorial only using kids makeup thx ?

  36. Lmbo I love your personality

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