Watch Reality Star Juju Get Heart Braids | ELLE


  1. Your amazing i hope you can bless me and give me a subscribe

  2. love yall videos thank you!! for editing them to just under a couple minutes ???? aint nobody got time for 10 min+ video in todays world!!!

  3. la puissance des tresse africaine 😉

  4. I'm just glad that ELLE chose a black woman. I'm so used to whitewashed media I was shocked!

  5. Watch this be a "trend" this summer. Nonetheless, beautiful & creative style

  6. she looks so much like Gabriell union.

  7. Watch white girls do it call it something else and be like they invented it lol

  8. Who can't wait til the summer to rock these beautiful looks ????

  9. i did a whole head of hearts when i was like 13 over 17 years ago.

  10. That's bomb braiding. That's all I gotta say! ?

  11. Hey Elle!
    How did you make those earrings?? Please post a link to where you got them from?

  12. Now why didn't she wear her hair like this on the Love and Hip Hop instead of them busted ass wigs she had on. This girl is stunning!

  13. This hairstyle is absolutey beautiful. This has got to be the best African hairstyle I've ever seen. Just beautiful ❤

  14. Thanks for responding ……wow ! I didn't know that but I definitely know who Cameron ( rapper) is …

  15. Sharing…. when will they learn.

  16. I remember the Bronner Bros hair shows featuring hair styles like this in GA. This is new to Elle but not black hair shows for years.

  17. she braiding with those nails on!!!! you GO!!???

  18. I'm in loooove with this series!!! ❤❤❤

  19. This is Pure Talent!! ❤️❤️

  20. So ELLE has a on the side "Black corner" segment now? Where they show us new braid styles?

  21. Ok a grown woman braiding hearts in her hair Ike she 6 years old um no leave that to the kids……cute but not cute

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