Water Marble Nail Art

Suzie creates a spectacularly colorful Water Marble Nail Art Design in this detailed Step By Step Tutorial.

0:30 Protect/Cover Your Skin
1:40 Get the Water
1:54 Apply Coat of White Polish to Nails
2:54 Open Polish Bottles you plan on using
3:18 Add drop of each Color of Polish to Water
4:10 Get Stick to work with Polish on Water’s surface
4:36 Dip Finger into Water
4:55 Collect Polish on surface
5:07 First Finger with Water Marble Polish
5:12 Water Marble the rest of the Nails
11:42 Clean Up
13:08 Apply Top Coat
12:42 Adding the Diamonds
16:01 Top Coat to Secure Diamonds
16:22 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s