Water Marble Nail Art

Suzie creates a spectacularly colorful Water Marble Nail Art Design in this detailed Step By Step Tutorial.

0:30 Protect/Cover Your Skin
1:40 Get the Water
1:54 Apply Coat of White Polish to Nails
2:54 Open Polish Bottles you plan on using
3:18 Add drop of each Color of Polish to Water
4:10 Get Stick to work with Polish on Water’s surface
4:36 Dip Finger into Water
4:55 Collect Polish on surface
5:07 First Finger with Water Marble Polish
5:12 Water Marble the rest of the Nails
11:42 Clean Up
13:08 Apply Top Coat
12:42 Adding the Diamonds
16:01 Top Coat to Secure Diamonds
16:22 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. is that a bob ross pin/sticker on her shirt?

  2. Thanks for your videos! They are very informative and helpful!

  3. Is she wearing a bob Ross pin? Because that's beautiful.

  4. Literally everyone is saying Cristing im like ITS CHristine. THERE IS AN H lmao

  5. The milky while polish cringe ?

  6. wow thins is beautiful will certainly try this

  7. kya i agree. suzie can you do a mood changing color matermarble?

  8. guys her face before the intro, she was dreading the watermarble!

  9. YOURE A WITCH! how tf can you do that?! WITCH CRAFT

  10. Thank you for this tutorial. Also, I LOVE your Bob Ross Pin!

  11. Suzie. Mam. You are Fabulous!

  12. "This is a rather messy experience"
    Wears white
    I love her

  13. anyone see the hair in the Vaseline?

  14. When I do it I design it and it becomes plastic . Doesn't work for me

  15. Cristine should watch this video

  16. is your ring finger nail realyy that long

  17. Why is your ring nail so much longer than the others, new trend :)?

  18. Instead of Vaseline you could use a liquid latex barrier. It's a lot less messy, and shaves a lot of time off of clean up

  19. "just give it a nice top coat." do you mean a glossy taco?

    only holosexuals will understand.

  20. Bravery is wearing a white sweater while water marbling nails.

  21. which nail polish do I use for water marble

  22. i only clicked because I know cristine's pain

  23. Teach simplynailogical WITCH!!!! Stop UR WITCHCRAFT ?



  26. is this possible with glittery nail polish too?

  27. "This is a rather messy experience…"
    Wears white sweater.

  28. can you dip do 2 fingers at a time?

  29. is suzie a water marble witch

  30. water marble tips
    1.when the colors dont spread use a cotton swab and drag it around the desiighn

  31. i like your bob ross pin

  32. She needs simply peel ? Simply Peel like no big deal

  33. does she know that there is latex

  34. its a lot easier to just tape off your finger around the nail.. plain Scotch tape works great!

  35. Suzie, I've seen so many nail art tutorials and they all finish with a rather thick top coat… My question is, what kind of top coat is best for that? Is it a gel? Or is it a regular top coat and if so, does it take forever to dry? Thank you in advance and I truly enjoy and appreciate your videos ?????

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