Water Marble Nails (without water!)

Hello my wonderful nail polish addicts! Today I’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to create an amazing “Dry Water Marble” nail art design! You won’t need to use a cup and water for this awesome technique… 🙂


  • China Glaze Light As Air
  • Lioele Aqua Blue
  • L’Oreal Pink Attitude

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! Take care and I’ll seeya next time 🙂


  1. I think that this is the first accomplish nail art for me!!

  2. cutepolish the toothpick just makes a line where you can see the base caot ansd when i try and move the 4 globs around they just make one colour XD what do i do?

  3. cute polish what do you look like

  4. they're not exactly the prettiest ?

  5. You are amazing at nails and make it look so easy sandi ?

  6. I think the water marble design with water looks better…………..

  7. This is how I always do it and nobody believed me that you can do it without water so I showed them this video and thats how they do it now to

  8. somehow, I still managed to mess this up.


  10. can you do a galaxy nail detail

  11. Oh. My. God. I've wasted so much time doing water marble traditionally and this solves ALL my problems. Thanks a million.

  12. so techneclly if u are nto using water it isn't water marble nail are

  13. the whole point of doing water marble nail art is using art

  14. +cutepolish Do you have to use the base coat???

  15. +cutepolish can you use multiple colors?

  16. Omg yes thankyou so much I don't need to use water now!!??

  17. And thank you so much for doing this video because I try to do water marble but it was just too frustrating

  18. What kind of polish do u use??? It looks amazing!!!❤️

  19. Awesome this os really Colo but i always mess up ir i just don have the nail polish

  20. Oh god I totally messed up, the blobs were to far from each other and it looks like a unicorn just pooped on my nails. 

  21. Their was this other video that had the same thing except everybody hated it.

  22. What do I use if I don't have white nail polish????????

  23. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Looks easy, but I'm of coarse gonna mess it up..

  24. What kind of polish do you use that it is dried that fast with that much polish?

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