Water Marble Your Nails Perfectly!

Water marble your nails perfectly! In today’s nail art tutorial, Hannah will be showing you her tips and tricks on how to perfectly do the water marbling nail technique. Paired with some bright and fun neon nail polishes, this water marble design is awesome for the summertime!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. 666 comments……this is real witchcraftery

  2. My polish dries too quickly to add more than about 3-4 drops, any tips on how to fix this problem/what I'm doing wrong??

  3. WHAT THE HECK NO H?L?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don't know which nail polish to be used!!
    And when i drag the marble,it sticks to my toothpick!!
    Plzz help

  5. Your nails are so clean and beautifull

  6. What do I do if I don't have liquid latex????????
    edit: or a cleanup brush????

  7. This doesn't work and it leaves a mess



  9. how your watermarbling works I tried didn't work uauaha

  10. Your natural nails are so beautiful 0.0

  11. do you have to use a certain nail polish

  12. what about the water that stays on the nail after taking it out of the water?

  13. of you don't have a white can you use the brightest color you have

  14. Love this!!! It's beautiful!! I'm gonna give water marbling another chance!!❤️???

  15. wow this is splendind??but why do i always fail???

  16. It's amazing how it works right?

  17. honestly this looks so cool, but I don't have the patience!

  18. How long does it take to do all 10 nails?

  19. Lol my mom said no honey dip all your nails in to not waste polish

  20. Is there a substitute to liquid latex?

  21. How do you do it side to side I tried it and it pulled the hole thing out of the dish

  22. add top coat for a beautiful shine .uses matte top coat

  23. ok why does mine not spread????

  24. Wat type of water u had take
    b coz I had tried it , I dint get it in tap water

  25. Sitting here like: Omg it's amazing I want it.
    Inner me: Don't even think about trying

  26. Should we use any kind of nail polish or special kind please answer

  27. What temp. do you need for the water and what type of nail polish do I use

  28. can you put more than one nail in?

  29. I tried that but it didn't work at all it just made a big mess

  30. I bet you $678995433679 that you didn't read that number and didn't realize that there was a letter in it And I bet you that you just looked back at the number only to find that there was no letter. Like this comment if you fell for it

  31. I tried to do water marbling once, and I ran into some difficulties. Sometimes, when I put the drop of polish in the water, it didn't spread out like that, and just stayed in the center. Secondly, I found that if I did manage to get the drops in there alright, when I tried to drag it, the polish had gotten too solid (for lack of a better term) and had created a sort of sheet of film on top of the water(despite my trying to work quickly) and trying to drag it just moved and crumpled up that film, ruining the design. Does anyone have any advice about these problems?

  32. I love this idea iam gonna try it

  33. I tried this and had trouble getting the right mix for the spray…the one touch isn't available here, can you recommend another brand that will work right?

  34. Thx so much!! I needed to know that I can't drop from too high!! ❤️????????????❣️

  35. you are so talented cutepolish

  36. Hi I have a question that anyone can comment to.

    Question: could do you two nails at one in the same cup when you dip them?

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