Water Spotted Nail Art

In this tutorial I will share an amazing Water Spotted technique that I came up with! If you like Water Marbling… you will really enjoy this nail art design!


  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • CG Flip Flop Fantasy
  • CG Celtic Sun
  • CG Kiwi Cool-Ada
  • CG Sun Worshiper
  • OPI Black Onyx


  1. SUCH a neat technique! Thanks for sharing?

  2. HELP! I tried this with Bath and Body Work's Japanese Cherry Blossom anti-bacterial SPRAY and it didn't do anything to the black polish except for shrink it? What did I do wrong?

  3. +hadlee draney my name is hadlee with a y instead e

  4. OMG my cousin is gonna be so HAPPy when I show her this channel

  5. so beautifull ideas an so god explain ??

  6. Why can't u try some konad nail art which is from nail stamping??

  7. the music does not go with this video like if your watching in 2016

  8. Her nail will be shiny if she a base coat

  9. awesome!!!! I would have never thought of that. soooo cooool!!!!!!

  10. Wow I love it thanks for sharing. I'm so excited to try it.

  11. I love it so much
    this is not Bradley it is his cousin

  12. love the vidieos can you make a sports nails video?

  13. +janewaychakotay4evr the brand of polish matters too. I've found some brands work great some not so much

  14. Its like the black paper that you sometimes get and you scratch it and your line is rainbow

  15. Hi I just stumbled upon your account and I really love your videos 😀

  16. I cannot get the black nail polish to cooperate, no matter the temp.of the water…..

  17. I love to watch old videos 🙂

  18. Beautiful. What's your favorite top coat? I can let my nail designs dry for hours and I'll still get streaks. Thanks! xo

  19. Could I use another color of nail polish instead of black?

  20. instead of tape you could also use chapstick

  21. beautifoul ….of my is beautiful

  22. This works with hair spray too 🙂

  23. Alguien tiene mucho tiempo libre xD

  24. me and. y friend are probably going to do this design

  25. Why are people disliking this vido this is so cool once you try it ur ganna regreat it

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