Wavy Striped Nail Art

Here are some fun wavy stripes that are great for the summertime! Also, a HUGE thanks to those that voted for me for The Essie’s! ILY!


  • Winstonia Nail Art Brushes – Berry Wine Use code ‘HANNAHROX’ for 10% off! 🙂
  • essie – Grow Stronger Base Coat
  • essie – Gel Setter Top Coat
  • essie 2016 Summer Polishes:
    Coconut Cove
    Viva Antigua!
    Loot the Booty
    Berried Treasures


  1. Yes cutepolish u r right
    These designs are very neat

  2. Beautiful even try those nails art of your video

  3. Hello dear: I love your chanel. I have UV LED lamp and gel nail polish for this. can I use simple nail polish for design? then can I apply top coat and take under the lamp ? no problem?

  4. whats the matter guys. I love tooth paste. My fav thing I put on my teeth!! XD

  5. it is beautiful ?, so perfect wavy lines .I am sure you r an expert in this

    lovely ?

  6. Who else's favorite color is Blue? ??

  7. Remindes me of TOOTHPASTE ! LOL

  8. I might try this with some nail art pens, I'm way too sloppy to manage with a brush lol

  9. I'm just loving your tutorials right now!!! X

  10. Congrats on making top 6! Voted for you! 🙂

  11. Hey! Are there any youtubers hete who would like to collab? Xx

  12. I loved cutepolish and when I saw you helped her with a nail design I was Soo happy!!!!!

  13. you are Amazingly talented! I would love to vote for you and I'm gonna do it again now?

  14. Do they look like toothpaste or am i trippin

  15. OMG you drew all the curved lines by hand! I'can't do this ? you're amazing and I'll vote for you! Big kiss from Italy ?

  16. pleaassee hanna,win the essie contest???,from argentina

  17. These are beautiful!! The curved lines are SO perfectly clean! ?❤️??

  18. I really love this design. So simple and clean but very beautiful! 🙂 xx

  19. Good luck with the essies! I hope you win because you're amazing!!

  20. Wow! Those are such pretty colors. I love the subtle shimmer in them.

  21. Once again you made me fall in love with you Hannah ?? Gonna vote for you again. Love your channel! I regularly get your updates on Instagram my account is @nail_carnival Thanks Hannah and all the best??

  22. The 19th I'll be there voting for you girl ♥

  23. I'm mdying to get this collection ESSIE GURL FOR LIFE

  24. I love them! I am totaly going to vote for you again and also get the Essie 2016 Summer collection! ?????❤

  25. I'm going to try it ❤️❤️????

  26. Hi hannah, I came from your video that you did with cutepolish, I was wondering..What's your snapchat name? As it's not in your description box. Thanks!

  27. Great video! I love the colours!

  28. These polishes are super gorgeous!!!??? The stripes are so neat and beautiful!!!??? I really hope you win the Essie contest!!!???

  29. I love these colors together. Cute design!!

  30. I like it, but it kinda reminds me of toothpaste. I would like it better with different colors.

  31. Love you so much! This design is the best! Colors are best for the summer! Perfect and easy nail art <3

  32. amazing nail art ??love it i will try it this summer ☺?☺?

  33. Hannah i will vote for u again btw this was amazing i love this design

  34. How on earth do you manage to do your right hand ?? (Or left depending)

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