Wearable Pigtail Braids – Back To School Updos 3

Products I used:
A sock
Conair Hair Bands
Mariana Bobby Pins

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Forever 21
Rings: Erica Anenberg
Nails: Essie Mochachino

-L’Oreal Dream Lumi Foundation W1-2
-Benefit Coralista Blush
-Tarte Royalty Collection Eyeshadows
Tarte EmphasEYES Eyeliner
-Maybelline Nude Nuances Lipstick
-Revlon Creamsicle Lip Butter


  1. Good day! I'm Nicole.I did -25 lbs past 2 weeks.Open hawght.so#PzWg

  2. I got request for u waterfalls with a twist! plz….

  3. i love your videos because they are really easy but your hair looks so complicated! Everyone at school thinks i spend HOURS on my hair! so thanks!

  4. you remind me soo much of ingrid from mizzglamorazzi

  5. this made me regret cutting my hair short 🙁

  6. You are the best hair guru on YouTube. Hands down. (:

  7. I still don't want to wear pigtails!

  8. how do you keep your hair healthy and pretty?

  9. Your hair is beautiful! I love your tutorials!

  10. hair tied into two braids is a compulsory hairstyle in many Indian schools. i guess this tutorial can add a bit of zing to the hair of all those girls who are bored of doing it the same way everyday

  11. I love your tutorials, Kaley! But I just have a quick question..my hair is really thick and the snake braids didn't really show up when I tried this.. should I try to make them tighter or looser so it'll show up? If you could get back to me that would be awesome(:

  12. love this! i'm sometimes tempted to wear pigtails, then try it and find that it's just way too kiddy-looking. this looks much more grown up, but still fun and sweet. thank you!

  13. I love it >3. Can you make a video on hairspray, how to choose it and how to "unhairspray" our hair ? It will be amazing ! By the way, I am completely fan of your channel. xoxo from France.

  14. lol i think snake/zig-zag braids are in now

  15. i think you should be the most popular hair guru on youtube!!! you rock! keep up the awesomeness… love you! ^_^

  16. これやったらすごいって言われました!

  17. Can you do a tutorial on how you curled your hair?

  18. can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you curled your hair in this video? i love it!!

  19. can you do a tutorial on how you curled your hair please! they are soo pretty! <3

  20. i havent seen you in a while! but all this series is amazing! definitely will try them 🙂 although no school still in england.

  21. i have one thing to say; I LOVE YOU!!!

  22. OMG,I just love your tutorials 🙂 I´m checking your channel almost every day :* you are soooo nice and talented 🙂 I´m looking forward to see more amazing tutorials 😀

  23. i find that in certain moments of your videos where your face is angled in a certain way, you look like Lindsay Lohan 🙂

  24. This 30-something mom of little ones totally agrees with Paigeythedancer. These fun easy tutorials have pulled me out of the frumpy mom look of just buns, ponies, & all down hair. 🙂

  25. Love the super short intro! 🙂 And the hairstyle.

  26. @LetsMakeitUp1 Do you have fine and silky hair? Is it wavy too?

  27. Thanks for this cute and simple variation on pigtails. I'm wearing it today!

  28. do you think that you could make some tutorials for layered hair? I recently got my hair layered, which is more flattering when down, but it makes updos so much harder! help please?

  29. My god I love that sweater!!

  30. this is seriously one of my new favorite hairstyles! thank you! xo 🙂

  31. I love the way your hair looked in the beginning -3

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