1. You don't have an hourglass figure

  2. What is Antinobotan Solution? Does it work? I hear most people lost their weight with this popular weight loss methods.

  3. Im gonna try this tommorow.Ill come back every week and check in!

  4. I would die if I ate coconut oil……….

  5. watches video
    me: hhmmmm….
    Eats more Sweetish Fish

  6. Wholefoods is so expensive though ??

  7. Love this! I'm going to check out that scale..

    I actually like weighing myself everyday but I don't take it to heart bc I know when it's going to be water weight depending on what I ate the day before, etc.. But it'd be GREAT to know exactly how much water and if my fat % is changing..

    Thanks for the tip and this video! ??

  8. This girl say hourglass like she got a big butt and bust

  9. I've been watching your exercise videos. You actually motivated me to lose weight better! Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Hey, would it be possible, (perhaps you already have it, Idk, I'm new here, lol) for you to do a 'toned arm workout'? Because that would be awesome. 😉

  11. if you slepp with a pillow under your stomach you actually lose over 100 calories

  12. I'm 13, and weigh 150 pounds at 5'7. I really want to fit in my dream formal dress but it's so hard. ? I also have thyroid problems which slows my metabolism. I can't find a plan good enough for me without having to go to a specialist. Anyone know any videos on healthy food and good workouts? Please help ?

  13. What to eat to loss wight can you make a vidoe please

  14. hey…. i 'm 12 years old, i 'm 170 tall, and i have 53 pounds. i chek on google what am i… and they say that i 'm starving my self?? i eat mcdonnalds, burger king and everithing? i workout everyday and i 'm trainig gymnastics. i have six pack… do you guys think that i chould get some pounds? lyy❤❤❤

  15. you really motivate me girl !!❤❤
    love from Nepal ????

  16. I ate pizza while watching this ????

  17. im 10 and I weight 125 pounds please please please please help me I feel awful an im actually crying rigt now =(

  18. i use very little oil (and only olive and coconut oil) in my cooking and eat two handfulls of nuts a week. What i also do is eat a spoon of nut butter in the morning and evening to kickstart my metabolism. I also drink a glass of vinegar water in the morning and i put lemon juice in my water that i drink through out the day (i drink one 2l vittel bottle of water. don't drink carbonated water it makes you bloated). Eat very clean and very healthy and vegan. Right now i'm doing the 28dayreset by blogilates and it's really good so far (it's the first day for me it's from january 2nd to 29nd) i love the vegan food i'm eating. I wake up at 5:30 to go jogging during school days (i'm 14) to go jog/walk (how i feel that day) a little and then i go back home to shower, eat, pack lunch, do. my makeup, and get ready for school. I pack snacks and my lunch because we have lunch breaks but i can't go home during those. after school i work out, do homework and eat dinner. After that i do whatever i need to do (clean, hobbies, do my hair whatever).
    i try my best to be the best version of me (by that i mean the version i like the most. I live in germany and everyone can live how they want to live their life so you do you!).
    Just be/become the version of you that you like the most. it doesn't matter if you're big or small, skinny or overweight. Big boobs or small boobs. big butt or small butt. You do you!!

  19. its litteraly perfect because you posted this video the day of my bday, so thank you so much Queen❤?? All the love from France xo

  20. How to get rid of back fat ☺️

  21. New subscriber and love you already

  22. Hey nicoletta i wss wondering if u could do a motivational video to working out it would really help thanks!?

  23. Who came for the fast hourglass body alone?

  24. How to get healthy in 2017

  25. Okay so where I live, fruits and veggies don't grow and it's always snowing so the closest and cheapest thing to do is get junk food. What do I do?

  26. does she remind you of alisha marie

  27. hope you have a great day I love your channel @nicoletta xo

  28. I've been using weight loss green store tea for a month now and there has been no side effects so far. I'm only noticing that I have to wear belts now to hold my pants up, now that's a result!

  29. Its so funny because If i look at some work out video's it's Just not working but all your video's Just help me so many times and all my friends love you Too pleas dont ever stop with work out video's ❤️❤️❤️

  30. U r super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ????

  31. Your hacks are alwyas awsome I love your content and you're soooo pretty you look like Nina Dobrev and I don't wanna be rude cause I really like you but please I'd rather if you ddn't scream/talk extremley loud in your videos but yeah younre awsome

  32. Pls do "how to get arm muscle with out equipment"

  33. Can you please do a video on eating healthy on the road? Something I struggle with is eating healthy, especially when I travel which I do quit often. This would be super helpful! Thanks xo

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