Weird Back To School Supplies You Need To Try

OMG! Prepare to be amazed with all these weird back to school supplies you need to try this school year! They are going to make your school life so much easier! THUMBS UP FOR MORE SCHOOl VIDEOS!

All the products mentioned in this video! Awesome back to school supplies you need to have in your life! Seriously 🙂

  1. Victoriatourist Waterproof Backpack
  2. Portable Sztara Napping Pillow
  3. Thumb-Thing Page Holder 
  4. Coeuspow Winter Fingerless USB Heating Gloves
  5. Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens 
  6. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
  7. Alextina Spinner Ring 
  8. iPhone Note Pad
  9. 9. Rain Laptop Stand 
  10. Fred Roller Sticky Note Tape
  11. Sticker Correction Tape
  12. Welay Balance Cushion


  1. Who wants a BACK TO SCHOOL PRANK VIDEO next? Comment "back to school pranks" if you want that!!! ?

  2. Your pencil breaks but your not allowed to sharpen it

  3. Getting distracted all the time ???‍♀️ like talking

  4. Messing up in things BTW I am 11 so NOOOOO cussing

  5. Art is my school struggle some reason I don't make beautiful art

  6. I have a crush and when I see him I will be crazy

  7. What so cool ideas thanke gor gr8 ideas plz pick me??????

  8. Stop looking at the clock to check the time

  9. Boys having a crush on me and not telling me

  10. Doing math facts with six rows of equation in 2m and 4os

  11. My friends told my crush I liked him.

  12. My school wouldn’t let me use any of these ?

  13. I had the Frixion erasable pen and it wasn’t that good at erasing and ran outta ink within a week


  14. Not fair….. I didn't win
    Of school supply
    Im sad ??

  15. How learn for a exam and don't have stres.

  16. Math problems!!UGH…!! (I am kind of good) I'm good I'll admit it but I get bored.

  17. Can’t you just wear a hoodie instead of buying an entire new backpack with a hood?

  18. I found the secret. #sawit ?

    Edit: P.S – No hate or anything but your subscribers probably aren’t able to do any of these at the schools. The schools do not allow phones especially elementary school. They do not allow food, headphones, phones, iPad, and electronics. Either gum or fidget spinners. Although, I love you so much and you inspired me to take notes for better grades! ?✏️?

  19. love this video maybe i will buy this supplies

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