WEIRD Nail Hacks That Are Actually GENIUS!


  1. I love the ombre hack! Thanks worked great!!

  2. # snapfam you should really do a gym hacks video omg my gym teacher just told the class it's going to be a long hard year . PLZZ HELP !!

  3. what eyeshadow did u use

  4. I check my nail polish to see if it is dry by placing my tongue on it, if it taste like nail polish, it's wet, if not, dry…

  5. افكارك حلوة كتير

  6. and this is why I love u girl! ur hacks, especially these nail hacks…u just saved my life!!! thts all I watch is nail vid's & I've heard of maybe 1 of these b4…

  7. I was just kidding you should subscribe to my channel

  8. try mixing corn starch & clear polish to make matte nails!!!!

  9. Easer way just boil water then. Place your nails on top CAUTion..HOT

  10. I thought I was the only one who used the underside of my tongue to smooth smudges or the dreaded ripple!!!

  11. the make up one is my favorite

  12. For smudges I usually take a little nail polish remover on my finger and smooth it out

  13. Love the tampon idea! (not one silly hack if something works!) ?xo

  14. Tanpons ? Little girls here

  15. I hate that last hack she is licking her nails really creepy like think if the nail polish will go inside ur mouth it could be dangerous so guys don't lick your fingernail just soak ur fingers in ice cold water and wait for 10 seconds or u can wait until ur nail polish gets dried

  16. It is not nice thing to like the smudge

  17. I like the matte one because sometimes I'm just feeling the matte look but i don't have the matte top coat.

  18. can we add garlic juice in the nail polish instead?

  19. If you wanna try the licking hack, lick your fingertip, not the nail, because nail polish is TOXIC and consuming it can cause cancer

  20. thanks! i'm gonna try the steam/matte hack.

  21. Omg the tampon one could literally change my life…bless

  22. I have like very weak nails so I'l totally trying the garlic trick oh and my fav hack was the eyeshadow one

  23. These were awesome!! You should have billionzillion likes on your nail videos! They are truly helping me a lot 🙂

  24. Hey guys…the matte nail polish hack really works!! I did it rn nd it works wonders! thanks a lot Jahtna! I missed ur vids!! I'm glad u r back!

  25. I actually lick my nails to see if they're dry ? If you can taste the polish, then all the layers aren't dry yet. If you can't taste anything, you're good to go ?

  26. In my opinion licking nailpolish isn't the best idea since like, toxic ingredients.

  27. I dig your hacks so much! This is my first time watching your videos. Thanks for sharing. ?

  28. ???i was trynna find another way to make nails matte thank u

  29. Okay, I'm now subscribed. These are amazing, but with that tampon hack, you are officially the MacGyver of nails! Wow, so cool.

  30. I once broke a nail clipper because my nails were unbreakable from using garlic d:

  31. Um nail polish is toxic don't put it in your mouth.

  32. You can apply eye shadow to dry nails by mixing it with either isopropyl alcohol or lemon essence, and applying it with a makeup sponge. I often use gold pigment used in cake decorating to apply shimmer to my nails. The alcohol evaporates really quickly, then just seal with a top coat.

  33. I'm happy I've been waiting I LOVE UU ❤️

  34. This is genius! I've seen TONS of nail hacks out there and this is the first time in years I see some hacks that I've never heard of before. I'm glad you're back, you always have weird unknown techniques going on 😀 xo from Argentina (that explains why I probably have some writing mistakes lol)

  35. Omg I thought I was the only one who licked my nails to remove smudges! Thank goodness I'm not!

  36. im so happy youre making videos again. Ive missed you so much!

  37. I once tried out the garlic nail polish trick… and the smell definitely did not go away. Not sure if I made it too strong or something… But I spent the day waiting for the smell to disappear and gave up at night when I was trying to fall asleep and couldn't. It stank sooo bad ?

  38. I LOVE the tampon idea! genius!!!!!

  39. lol i thought i was the only one licking my smudges away

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