Weird WEIGHT LOSS Life Hacks | Lose weight FAST + without exercise !


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  5. Oh my gosh, when I started watching this video, I was starving and then when you said to surround yourself with blue, I didn't feel that hungry anymore. This is proof it actually works!!!????

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  7. What are foods to eat when trying to loose weight

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  9. I just got a weight loss commercial before watching this video…

  10. This video is great! It helps me recall of the time when my cousin used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 19 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Many people wish to lose fat, however we also require to stay healthy, and that's what exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

  11. I love how she brushed her teeth right when it said toothbrush.

  12. spider phobia is called aracnaphobia

  13. I had an apple so when she said sniff an apple I got mine and took a nice long sniff

  14. my room is blue. no wonder im not hungry

  15. studys have shown… studys have shown… blablabla…. omg to you really believe everything from the internet ….

  16. I'm srry but on ur left eye this one eyelash is squished against like two others and that's all I can focus on srry but plz unclump them

  17. now I an gonna stand like an idiot sniffing an apple for the rest of the day

  18. I love this vídeo si helpful love from Puerto Rico ❤️

  19. i love you so much. you are so funny you are so beautiful and clever. I love your video so much.???????

  20. Do more. I need to get fit but I'm to lazy?

  21. I love you and by all means, I do not mean to, nor want to offend absolutely anyone…But to actually lose weight, achieve feeling fit and healthier, I recommend a balanced diet and regular exercising!
    Please no hate, I just want to help y'all! <3

  22. the only reason you are less likely to eat after brushing your teeth is because for most people minty food taste nasty. cause srsly who wants a minty grilled cheese

  23. I'm gonna try the candle & tooth brush thing for sure. I'm also now aware of all my yellow & red plates. Haha whoops ?

  24. The only reason I'm overweight is because I'm on YouTube so much ???

  25. Please do teeth life hacks it will help those ppl who have dirty teeth your teeth is super white ???

  26. this video is original loved it

  27. It's more like starve yourself.

  28. Binge watching ur vids now haha its great!

  29. did you enjoy sniffin that apple? hehe

  30. Your videos are great! Albeit, the introduction is always so long.

  31. I just started watching your video and this is very helpful

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