Wet Hair Styles: Braided Updo

Last one of the week! This one was my favorite, what about you? 😀


  1. Tried this hairstyle and it looked great. I loved the waves it created once I took the braids out! 🙂

  2. You look a bit like lindsay lohan in this vudeo

  3. I did this hairstyle for school and I did the braids the night before and then pined it in the morning. Took me like 5 minutes total. I had one of my teachers ask me how long it took me to do my hair and everyone was surprised that it didnt take me very long, they thought I had put a lot of effort into it. Haha. Just like you said! This was such an awesome tutorial! All your tutorials are so easy to follow and way cute. Thanks 🙂

  4. Trying this today! I have a christening..

  5. I really love all your videos, but the wet hairstyles have been particularly useful to me. Do you think you could maybe do a video (or series of videos) with half-up hairstyles for wet hair?

  6. Okay, WHY don't u hav mite subscribers! You have awesome, intricate, unique, and original styles, you upload SO frequently, and your GORGEOUS!!! You deserve way more subbies. Ive been watching you for quite a while:)

  7. Does anyone know of a hair product that would help with my frizzies, but that also won't make my hair neither too slippery (so no Frizzease) or too sticky (so no hair gel) for hair braiding.

  8. My hair just won't dry when I put it in a hairstyle.

  9. I totally did this on my hair like a month ago! Great minds think alike 🙂

  10. Think I can just French braid it? I don't know hoe to Dutch braid.

  11. Whats up with the audio on this video?

  12. she uses mariana bobby pins. i believe you can get them from sally's beauty supply

  13. it's probably on her second channel

  14. Yes you'd be however many hours ahead because you're in a different time zone..

  15. Please please please do more wet styles!!!!

  16. Ok so I did this to my hair last night and of course the bobby pins came lose, so I was going to repin it but then I took it out of the braid and omg I have the prettiest waves right now! Thank you so much!

  17. Not trying to be mean but it is tuesday here and she said check back on monday :/ or is it just me? I am from switzerland so maybe it is monday in the usa… help maybe? 😀

  18. Hey! I'm trying to look for your boyfriend tag. You are from Toronto right? Is there a link to it?

  19. What day do you upload new hairstyles?
    Jist to make sure pleaseeeee!!

  20. I love the way you started the braid to make the front look so much better! Why didn't I thnk of that 🙂

  21. I love your videos! You remind me of Bridgett Mendler!

  22. try not to grab so much hair when you're pinning it down it works just as well if you grab smaller sections of hair but pin in the essential parts c:

  23. YES! I love that idea! Because no matter how much I love doing my hair, I'm not going to stop wearing a helmet!

  24. Would it also look ok with a French braid instead of a Dutch braid?

  25. i love this hairstyle
    it very simple but very pretty <3

  26. I always air dry my hair so it's takes a while for my hair to dry. These wet hairstyles you've been giving us is definitely perfect for me. Thanks!

  27. Just tried it and it's awesome! Love your wet hairstyles.

  28. i kinda wanna see how this looked when you took it out after it was dry

  29. What kind of bobby pins do you use? Mine always pop out, do you use an specific brand?

  30. Please do some hairstyles for short hair!

  31. how gorgeous! I'll definitely be trying this! Some how I always find myself needing to leave the house with my hair wet! thanks kaylie!

  32. gorgeous<3 love your videos and i just appreciate how real you are :,)

  33. Your tutorials are all for girls that have super long hair now 🙁 can you do new ideas that would look good if you had shoulder length or longer hair too?

  34. This would have to be my favorite as well, yes

  35. I love that you are always so creative. I'd love if you could do a series of hairstyles for people who commute on a bicycle and get ready in the bathroom in work. Something quick but work appropriate, stylish and sophisticated.

  36. I put my hair in a bun while it was wet. And at the end of the day I pulled it out but the middle was still wet 🙁

  37. I love your wet hair tutorials. I hate blow drying my hair. Very rarely do I blow dry it. So I love these. I hope you do more in the future!

  38. love this look! whats on your nails? gorgeous!

  39. love your videos, im just not capable to braid my hair (only rope braid and normal braid) because is sooo long…

  40. I LOVE how you draped the hair back into the braid, I've been playing around with that lately and it looks much less harsh and weird with my totally awesome widow's peak! also like how you pinned the braids together, I love these kinds of hairstyles for getting my hair up but I always hate the part line that shows up in the back. super cute! 😀

  41. Most of her tutorials are for straight hair, since that's her hair texter.

  42. can you pleeeaase do more hairstyles for people with straight hair??

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