Wet Hair Styles: Triple Twist


  1. those days…i don't have a hair dryer..wet hair is my modo! Thaaaaaaaaank you

  2. I tried this but my hair is quite fine and it turned out looking weird as the buns were teeny tiny. Any way I could plump them up?

  3. 1) I love you and 2) What is that nail polish you are wearing!?

  4. The color of your top looks amazing on your skin tone. I wish I had your beautiful skin. Mine is always red.

  5. I love this one it looks like a Mohawk kind of but i love it do more please /.❤

  6. I love this style. I first saw it on Iris J's youtube page late last year. I did it one day for school and received a bunch of compliments because of it.

  7. I take swimming classes by morning and always like to have a cool hairstyle after pool. Love this one AND the others you've made, you're awesome! 😀

  8. Love this, wore it today after the gym! More wet hair styles please!!!!!!!

  9. Yes! Finally some hairstyles that are perfect for when swim gym comes around!

  10. I LOVE your make up in this video. Tutorial, maybe?

  11. y? no significa que lo copiara

  12. Wore this today and my boss literally stopped a staff meeting to pint out my hair 🙂 thanks

  13. I LOVE it! It's fantastic! so easy but still looks super complicated! THX!
    I did it for work with dry hair and everyone was asking if I did it myself. 😉

  14. Es muy emocionante Tiene el pelo muy guapo y largo perro es nunca ondulado porque me encantan mucho los pelos ondulado crea que guapo y interesante

  15. does it have to be done on wet hair?

  16. Does this give you curls when you take it out? ;D

  17. Love the wet hair, hairstyles! Great idea! I always hate when I have wet hair before work & don't know what to do with it. I usually just leave it down to dry but it looks weird.

  18. What a good idea ! Now I know how to style my wet quickly before going at school !
    Thank you so much !

  19. You did that one before…

    I know it because I've been following you for years…

  20. Love it my hair always seems to be wet when I have to go somewhere lol

  21. It's like a bun faux hawk! 😀

  22. Love this video!! I never have time to dry my hair in the morning so I always throw it up in a side bun while wet. I love that I can do something different now without having to dry it 🙂 can't wait for the other vids!

  23. Copiado. Ese peinado identico esta en otra pagina

  24. As a person with super long, super thick hair, spin pins are great for holding the bulk of the weight of your hair in a bun, and then you make it pretty and neat and shape it with bobby pins. I wouldn't use spin pins by themselves cause you just can't control it as much, but they're unbeatable for holding all that weight throughout the day.

  25. Thank you for this!! I had to do my hair fast today and this is how I wore it!

  26. True, but she already says she is really busy I'm sure she doesn't really have the time to fine someone to model. There are tons of people on Youtube, I'm sure someone who wants short hairstyles could find something.

  27. She could get a model with short hair…

  28. I work full time and go to school full time, its 130 am and I have an exam at 10, I'll be doing this tomorrow morning. Thanks!

  29. Have u done this hair tutorial before? o.O

  30. The '3 Pretty Updos for your Second Day' video has a very similar (almost identical, though I prefer this one) tutorial 🙂

  31. What color is your hair …. Is it a RC ? I ❤it

  32. OMG! You made my wish about "Sabrina, the teenage witch" hairstyles come true! <3

  33. I love your shirt! Where did you buy it?!

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