What 100 Calories of Ice Cream Really Look Like | POPSUGAR Fitness

When it comes to cooling down on a hot day, a frozen treat seems like the perfect solution, but some choices are better than others. While an occasional indulgence is a necessary part of Summer fun, we want you to know what you’re getting into calorie-wise. Watch this video to see how all these cooling treats stack up as well as the healthiest options.


  1. Yeah but who the fuck stops at 100 calories lol

  2. Woman smilling and explaning:only 2/5 of a cup is a 100 calories

  3. No one eats 100 calories of ice cream. this is pure stupid

  4. This video makes me want to pig out….

  5. what about recommending to people to not eat that crap.

  6. this woman doesnt stop smilling she making me a bit creeped out :p.

  7. 2:09 lmao bite already take out of ice cream before bite taken out of ice cream

  8. thanks for reading the ice cream labels!

  9. If you can't afford 300 calories for a whole ice cream a day, you are doing something wrong.

  10. Just eat the whole damn dessert, man. It's not like you're going to eat that every day. Nothing bad's going to happen if you eat it once in a while. This video just makes having desserts depressing and stressful.

  11. So how much is a pound of ice cream? I wanna get fat

  12. Bye guys, Im off to the convenience store now.

  13. Amen! I'm not even sure why I'm watching it to be honest lol

  14. this just makes me want to eat ice cream

  15. yes! couldn't agree more with you, same thing here. hope she is recovering or on her way to recovery <3 i bet she is beautiful no matter what !

  16. Can * wich * damn autocorrect >.<

  17. Cool i thought i couldn't have any icecream now i know i cam and witch one i can enjoy

  18. I think it all depends on moderation…like, no, im not going to cut 1/3 off of my ice cream sandwich. I think treating yourself once in a while is great, but completely cutting yourself off and stressing over calories just takes the fun out of ice cream

  19. why do you need to count calories and only eat "good" things live your life, eat what you want and just be happy. I've had anorexia and bulimia, deep depression and I cut because everybody told me I was too fat and the society told me I wasn't thin enough. Finally I don't care what they say anymore. And so should nobody other. I lost more weight with being happy and doing what I like and sometimes eating sweets than having the pressure to be perfect.

  20. Lmao shut the fuck up videos like this is the reason my sister started counting calories and developed anorexia.

  21. its called editing -.- they can take a bite and then skip her chewing it and lead straight to the talking… so yea they are able to take a bite , she just failed miserably at trying to make it look real

  22. They don't take regular bites–more of small tastes– because they know that they have to keep talking. This IS an informative video. Please be polite

  23. They're really good at faking eating stuff on this Chanel

  24. there are these amazing fruit bars with only 40 calories and no fat and they are made with real fruit by del monte or Chapmans/balence frozen yogurt with 100 calories and 2g of fat 🙂

  25. 2:09 that's stupid she didn't even took a bite of it!!

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