What Are the Top Benefits of Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery is the second most common cosmetic surgery for young people. It falls right behind rhinoplasty as a popular choice for those in their adolescent years.

There are many reasons your ears may make you self-conscious. Perhaps they stick out, droop, or simply just don’t fit your face. Whatever the reason, there are options to help you get your confidence back.

But how is an ear tuck beneficial? And should you get one?

This guide will explore everything you need to know about ear reshaping, so you can live your life free from ear insecurity.

What Is Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

What Is Cosmetic Ear Surgery

With ear tuck surgery, you can change any abnormalities in the structure of the ear in a safe, timely manner. For those whose mental health and self-esteem are impacted by their ears, this can be a total gamechanger.

Otoplasties, the medically correct term for ear pinning surgery, is a relatively simple surgical procedure. Extra skin and cartilage are removed from the ear. The ears are then literally pinned back and reshaped.

An ostoplasty can be performed by anyone who is fully grown. Usually, otoplasty can be performed on someone as young as 5 years old.

Cosmetic ear treatments are popular amongst young people, as the problem of misshapen ears usually makes itself apparent early on. Adults can also opt for the procedure to fix a problem that perhaps plagued them in their childhood, as well.

Ear pinning surgery is performed under local anesthesia in adults. Children, on the other hand, will receive general anesthesia for any ear pinning surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Ear Pinning Surgery?

What Are the Benefits of Ear Pinning Surgery

Because otoplasty is a very common and relatively safe procedure, there are many benefits that come with it. People of all ages can enjoy these benefits with minimal impact on their daily lives.

Any good surgeon will work with you to make sure your ears turn out exactly how you envisioned them. They will also review your medical history to ensure that this is a safe, recommended procedure for your situation.

If you do qualify for ear surgery and choose to proceed, be prepared to enjoy many incredible benefits.

1. Correction of Ear Abnormalities

Many people seek out an otoplasty because they’re unhappy with the way they look. But any number of abnormalities can be corrected with an ear tuck.

From protruding ears to oversized ears or even cauliflower ears, cosmetic ear surgery can transform them all. These surgeries can leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

Ear surgery can even help with things like finding earphones or earbuds that fit properly or getting your ears pierced.

2. Low-Risk Surgery

Otoplasty is incredibly common. It’s also relatively non-invasive. Only your ears, an external appendage, are affected.

Furthermore, only the cartilage and skin of your ear are touched. So the actual hearing mechanism will be left unbothered by surgery.

Plus, as mentioned above, most adult patients will only require a small anesthetic. Child patients will need to go under anesthesia, but an experienced surgeon and anesthesiologist can ensure their safety while under.

Among all cosmetic surgeries, ear pinnings rank among the safest.

3. Boost of Self-Confidence

One of the biggest reasons people look for an otoplasty is because they have low self-esteem from their appearance, specifically as it relates to their ears.

Many patients find, however, that their self-confidence is boosted significantly after the procedure. For many, otoplasty can feel like a correction, as if their faces are returning to what they should naturally look like.

Children, especially feel the self-confidence boost. Otoplasty allows them to more easily adapt to social situations and reduce the risk of bullying.

Of course, adults also experience heightened self-esteem after their otoplasties. They may even find it easier to date, land jobs, or other life improvements.

4. Timely Surgery

Otoplasty is generally a one-to-two-hour procedure, though the timeline can vary slightly based on the individual case.

After the procedure, bandages will be placed around the head to help the ears heal. These dressings will be replaced in about a week as healing takes place. Generally, unless the procedure is quite drastic, the recovery period is relatively quick, especially compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

Of course, it is recommended that activity be limited during the recovery period. Rest and minimal movement will help the ears recover faster and with better results.

5. Permanent Solution

After taking only a couple of hours out of your day and a few weeks to recover, you get to keep your newly perfect ears for life. No follow-up surgeries are necessary.

Once your bandages are removed, your ears are perfect for life. That means you can enjoy all the above benefits for years and years to come.

And if you ever find yourself unsatisfied with your ears, you can work with your surgeon to make sure they more readily fit your lifestyle.

Should You Get Otoplasty?

There is no one ideal candidate for cosmetic ear treatments. While children and adults may both qualify, there are a few considerations you should be aware of.

First, the ideal patient should not be suffering hearing loss. This is a problem that will be better addressed by an otolaryngologist, which is a doctor who specializes in hearing loss.

If you are suffering from hearing loss in addition to structural abnormalities, an otolaryngologist can work with your surgeon to determine if surgery is advisable.

Also, you should not be overly sensitive to anesthesia. Again, your surgeon will review your individual case to ensure you are a good candidate.

Boost Your Confidence With Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Boost Your Confidence With Cosmetic Ear Surgery

If you’re struggling with your self-esteem after being bullied for your protruding, sagging ears, cosmetic ear surgery can help give you a boost of confidence for life.

To find out about more cosmetic surgery options, check out our Fashion & Beauty section today!