What I Ate Today | Easy Meal Ideas!

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  1. why did you stop with this series 🙁 i love it!

  2. The meals that you have eaten is roughly the same with Claudia Slewski's meal that she has done in her video

  3. We don't give a flying fuck if you're vegan or not, you vegans are so annoying gosh

  4. you for sure got anemia , Being healthy it doesn't mean neglecting dates or molasses or apples or milk or yogurt or many important elements that our body really needs in daily basis

  5. Plz make daily routine exercise

  6. Love the lunch idea, can't wait to try at home! PS: Just discovered your channel & I'm binge watching all your vids! xo

  7. I found your channel because I enjoy watching what I eat in a day videos I get so many ideas !! Disappointed that you have let small minded people get you down. No hate intended to vegans but those who judge back off dont watch it!! Cya off to make me some of that broccoli chicken ✌?

  8. I love your get healthy with me videos, also the old ones. I think you did a great job with this video.?

  9. Great video! How do you shave brussel sprouts?? I love brussel sprouts!

  10. There are more comments of people telling vegan's to stop pushing their beliefs on people than there are comments of people actually pushing their beliefs on people.

  11. Christ the comments on all food-related videos on YouTube. Honestly? Most of you vegans make me cringe and actually turn me off veganism, because I do not want to be associated with one of the most loudmouthed, self-righteous, disagreeable, pushy people I have ever had the displeasure to see on the internet.

  12. go away vegan people, don't force tess to be part of your community. gosh these vegan people are so annoying

  13. Do her and Patrick live together?

  14. So happy to see a lot of people being vegan (in the comennts)???

  15. i swear if i see one more vegan bitching im going to shoot someone. so much for being honest about what she's eating and not selling her viewers in the name of being vegan!!!! veganism is not for everyone. keep making these videos tess we love them 🙂

  16. personally i think this video is amazing and ignore the haters bc woah id eat eveything!!!??

  17. I tried veganism and it wasn't for me (1 and a half years). But we waste a lot of water and resources on animal products as well as treating them unfairly. I don't love all animals, I am not afraid to admit that. However I do not believe in torturing them before we eat them.

  18. what seasonings do you use for everything??

  19. Thank you very much! These are great ideas, healthy and easy!

  20. I love these videos so much please make more ? I'd love some more work out videos… Maybe a full body workout?

  21. eat what you want! this whole vegan non-vegan thing is nonsense! just EAT! be free! live your life! and everyone: stop being judgemental about OTHER people and who they are and what they eat! DO YOU!

  22. You should make more get healthy with me videos!!(: or what I eat in a day vlogs(:

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