What I Eat In A Day (Easy & Healthy)

Here’s a quick video on what I eat in a day! I hope you find some easy recipe inspiration!! For $35 off your first week of Hello Fresh deliveries go Here and enter promo code “KayleyMelissa” when you subscribe

I’m a big fan of easy, on the go meals and I think that these can really be that! I’m also gluten free and dairy free so these recipes have the bonus of being suitable for my allergy friends out there! (I used dairy free butter and sour cream for dinner, see below!) I feel like most of us want to eat healthy meals that still taste good and that we can fit into life. I think these are great for that!

★Recipes In This Video ★

  • Mini Omelets
    2 Eggs
    1/2 Bell Pepper
    1 TBS Green Onion
    3TBS Cooked Ground Turkey (Optional!)
    Salt and Pepper to Taste

Preheat oven to 350. Whisk together eggs and add salt and pepper to taste. Add in the veggies and stir to combine.
Into a greased muffin pan add 1 TBSP meat per cup (optional). And pour egg and veggie mixture into the 3 cups.
Cook for 20-25 minutes and serve with avocado, salsa, and maybe some spinach!

  • Zoodles Marinara
    1 Zucchini
    Marinara Sauce
    1/3 cup Halved Cherry Tomatoes
    2 Tbs Olives (optional)
    Crushed Almonds

Spiralize the Zucchini. Add Marinara sauce, tomatoes, and olives. Microwave for 1.5 minutes. (Optional, sprinkle with crushed almonds) Enjoy!

  • Steak and Potatoes
    (2) 6oz Sirloin Steaks
    12oz Golden Potatoes
    2 Tbs Sour Cream or Dairy Free Substitute
    —–(I tried a recipe I found online for dairy free sour cream. On it’s own it tasted pretty weird, but it worked in the sauce. Lmk if you know of a good soy free sour cream substitute!)
    1/2 cup Beef Broth
    1 Tbs Butter or Dairy Free Substitute
    -(I really like earth balance!)
    4oz Kale
    1 Shallot
    1/4 tsp crushed peppercorn (Or more to taste)

Prep: Wash, dry, and cut all the produce
Potatoes: Prep oven to 400 degrees. Place wedged potatoes onto baking sheet, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper. Toss and cook 30-35 minutes.
Kale: Melt the butter and add Kale. Cook until fully wilted, about 4-5 minutes.
Steak: Season both sides with salt and pepper. Heat a drizzle of oil in a large pan on medium high heat. Add the steak and cook to desired doneness, about 4-7 minutes on each side. One your steak has reached its desired doneness, remove from the pan and allow to rest.
Sauce: Heat another drizzle of oil in the same pan as the steak and sauté the shallot and peppercorn until soft, about 2-3 minutes. Add the broth, scrape the pan, and bring to a simmer. Allow to simmer until reduced by half. Remove pan from the heat and stir in sour cream.

★What I’m wearing:★

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  • Choker: F21
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  1. my dad saw the vid and he bought the spirelizer! you are one of my faves!

  2. is it true you can't have gluten and dairy????

  3. I have a recipe for you. It's pretty easy and healthy too! It's chicken or turkey pot pies. All you need is a package of frozen whatever pie crust you want, your choice of vegetables, Turkey or chicken and Alfredo sauce. (I kinda made this up as I went) Next add as much of vegetables, chicken or turkey you want and heat it up in a pan over the stove. Once it's warmed, dump in about 1 1/2 cups of Alfredo sauce and add salt and pepper. Put your pie crust in muffin tins as you please. Pour in the meat/veggies/Alfredo mix into the pie crusts and bake them at 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake until the crusts are slightly brown and enjoy! I love this recipe so much and it's a total go-to thing to make when I don't know what to.

  4. I am definitely going to try those eggs omelets!

  5. I personally love making a "fried rice" out of cauliflower and adding carrots and eggs a and green onions to it! Sometimes i add some chopped chicken.. everyone seems to love it when i make it 🙂

  6. it was horrible. ………how are you alive i can't eat any thing except chicken or meat????????????

  7. What type of spiralizer do you use? I want to buy one, but I'm so flustered with all the options

  8. Loved seeing this!! Normally healthy food to me is not my favorite but after seeing this I was like wow, that looks delicious!!

  9. Can you do a video about your daily routine or your night and morning routine?
    By the way I made all of these foods and my family loveeeedd itt! Thanks!

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  11. LOVE that orange lipstick on you!

  12. Did you get the spiralizer at Williams Sonoma

  13. Wow, you've inspired me. I have actually stopped the video to buy a spiralizer:) Thank you;)

  14. this was nice! please make more of these!

  15. I just ate and then i watched this video and now i am hungry again XD

  16. i didn't know you are married! you should do a husband tag!

  17. Now I feel bad for myself cause I think I eat a lot more than than…not a lot a lot, but a bit more…and I eat like 5 times a day.. breakfast was fine quantity wise, Zucchini dish looks amazing but I know that wouldn´t fill me. Or I need to stop eating so much, like Kayley!

  18. Why is she extra pretty in this video?

  19. I'm Italian and I assure you, zoodles doesn't exist here! It's not an Italian thing. We eat pasta almost every day and we eat it with simple sauces, I often eat pasta just with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of greated parmigiano, that's all.

  20. Cauliflower pizzabodem!! So goooooood and healthier than dough…

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  23. I loved seeing this type of video from youuuuu!

  24. Fun fact; In the UK we call Zucchini Courgette and so we call it courgetti when it is sprialized. Love this video Kayley! Love from UK

  25. it looks good but I really hate eating raw veggies… hate it with a passion…

  26. If you like Indian food…try Pioneer Woman's Chickpea Curry. My husband's favorite vegetarian dish…so good

  27. Everything looked so delicious. ??
    And I need a tutorial for that gorgeous makeup. ?

  28. whats it like waking up in the morning wondering whos steak are you going to eat since for this you ocashoneoly do that

  29. my family did hellofresh for a couple months and found very few recipes we didn't like (maybe 1-3, can't remember exactly) but we eventually cancelled because a lot of it ended up going to waste since they don't give you a lot of time to pause for the week and there were weeks where my mom didn't want to cook every night. the reason we did it in the first place (for those of you who don't understand why someone would want to do this) is because my mom would get tired of deciding what to cook each week and actually doing it. it takes some of the stress out of that because my dad doesn't cook at all and I can't help because I often work evenings so my mom was doing everything herself every night after coming home from work. there are also way more interesting recipes besides steak and potatoes so we tried a lot of new things too. and you can cut a lot of the fat out by reducing the oil, most of the recipes call for so much more oil than necessary so they're healthier than they seem too.

  30. Loved this video, you should do separate videos on breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas!

  31. I love this video!! I'm always looking for simple, yummy, healthy recipes so thanks for sharing!! 🙂 Hope to see more of these on your channel!!

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