1. Fats are extremly good for you, you should not be restricting them!!❤

  2. I am literally eating a tub of brownies rn, no joke.

  3. Please do more of these! LOVED it

  4. Not trying to complain or be mean, since I Love your channel! But keep in mind that this could trigger people struggling with eatingdisorders, I know because I do suffer from anorexia. Just a friendly reminder to everyone : every single body needs different food and different amounts, so please don't let this trigger you. You are pretty perfect just the way you are❤️

  5. Do a gym routine ? like what you do before the gym at the gym and after the gym

  6. What are some things you guys put in oatmeal to make it taste good?

  7. you should do a workout routine that would be amaaaaazzzzzzzziinnnnggg
    btw love you

  8. What times do you usually eat your meals? Particularly dinner lol

  9. Your too healthy compared to me

  10. Did anyone else know that meat is the cause of cancer and diabetes?

    Just a random fact for everyone that sees this.

  11. i only did this for only a day and the next day i turned my back on healthy food and went back to eating fast food id u ask me i think my body is pretty average for my age


    me: anyway i am pretty healthy
    crap i finished these chips so fast…….
    Oh well gtg get another bag brb

  12. Would you ever be a vegetarian ☺️ love you ??

  13. Do I eat healthy? I am a 13 year old girl.
    Breakfast: pineapple, smoothie, wheat cereal or porridge and a small croissant
    Lunch: nothing or a few grapes
    Dinner: really depends but always around 500 or less calories and includes veg a majority of the time
    I don't snack but if I do I have a small portion of fruit
    I may have a few sweets here and there but rarely a full packet and if I do have a full packet I share other senior it last me for at least 2 days
    I only really drink water but sometimes I treat myself to a small glass of Diet Coke or coke zero or Pepsi max with dinner
    I also workout nearly everyday for around 20 at least but on some days about 60- 90 mins
    I eat things in kinda small portions

  14. You are so inspiring! I have been following your fitness playlist and I have a way healthier lifestyle!!

  15. Woah!!! Your channel is blowing up real big! I'm proud to say that I was here from 200k! Keep up the great work 😀

  16. Nicoletta, can you please do a morning routine video? Plz

  17. I really need help with workouts for thigh fat arms and flat belly plsss helpppp❤️❤️❤️

  18. nico do you remember I did tell you to make a video for glowing skin for teen girls… if you can please make it at once luv u

  19. i love humus but unfortunately i am allergic to something in it. I found that out the hard way

  20. New backgroud! You move some stuff❤️

  21. You doing these type of health and fitness videos have really inspired me to be healthier and make better choices when it comes to food.

  22. Loved the video! I was just curious, how do you season the chicken, fish, and the veggies? I can't eat those things plain and I need seasoning, but I don't want to put too much because of the extra sodium. Any healthy seasoning options?

  23. pta nai angrez kia kia khaty Hain?

  24. can you do a video of healthy recipe for a vegetarian i just tried a fake type of meat it was disgusting so I'm trying to find healthy recipe

  25. PLEASE do a get unready with me or a skincare routine! 🙂

  26. can you do a video on how to get your hair to grow long, I really need I got my hair cut really short a month ago when I just asked for just a trim and my hair hasn't grown since so please make a video thanks

  27. I really want to continue being healthy! Thanks for sharing this, it was SUPER helpful!

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