What is Micropigmentation and is it right for me?

What is Micropigmentation and is it right for me?

Micropigmentation is basically like permanent make-up for your skin, and it can be done well with the proper Micropigmentation Training.  Or think of it like getting a tattoo.  Most people get Micropigmentation done to correct skin abnormalities such as skin discoloration or an uneven skin tone.  Some choose to enhance their appearance with it. There are some people that use Micropigmentation to cover up scars and it’s also used as a reconstructive procedure around nipples.

The procedure itself for Micropigmentation is pretty much painless.  It should only last about 40 minutes give or take depending on the area or size of the area that you are having the work done.  If you are worried about the pain factor you can choose to get an anesthetic to numb the pain.  However, that probably isn’t necessary as the procedure is akin to having your eyebrows plucked, as far as pain level goes.  You will probably have some minor swelling after the procedure but that shouldn’t last more than 24 hours.

More scientifically speaking Micropigmentation is when hypoallergenic mineral pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin.  The eyebrows, eyes, and lips can then be enhanced with an ultra-thin needle. The process is sometimes referred to as Permanent Makeup as well.  

Some things to think about when you are considering Micropigmentation are questions such as, what is the cost and can I afford it?  Or, am I 100 percent sure that I want to have the procedure done? Also, is the clinic or doctor certified and do they have a great reputation?  For instance, do they have the right Micropigmentation Training and do they use the proper devices?

Are You Sure?

The first question to answer for yourself is that you are absolutely sure you want the procedure done.  This is permanent makeup and although it can be changed or reversed the process isn’t a walk in the park.  Besides being a bit of a tough procedure Micropigmentation removal is expensive as well.  Some people that have gone through the removal process have complained of coloring being off or too harsh, or wrong and with irregular shapes.  You can also run into complications with issues such as allergic reactions, infections, and granulomas which are growths around the treated area.

Is the Clinic or Doctor Certified?

This is another important question to ask yourself.  Every state except California requires clinicians who perform Micropigmentation at least have some sort of training or certificate.  You’ll also want to make sure the clinic is using a reputable device such as one that is tops in the industry globally. That way you know you’re dealing with both a clinic and equipment that will keep you safe and produce quality results.

Having any type of aesthetic procedure always comes with some risks, taking the time to thoroughly answer the questions above to make sure Micropigmentation is right for you will make your decision be the right one either way.