What to Look For in High Quality Clothes

Hi guys! This video is about how to shop for high quality clothes, and what to look for in pieces that you want to invest in. Fabric, construction, and wear are the three main factors you should consider when “evaluating” a new item, before you make the splurge. If you follow these tips when out on your next shopping spree, you will definitely come home with high quality, gorgeous new clothes that will last a long time!


  1. Big exception – my own sewing. Big stitches, slightly loose or crooked at times, sometimes the cut isn't the best…
    Oh wait… ?

  2. I am overweight and are pear formed. I am struggling finding outfits that is my style and actually look good on me. So that plus finding good quality is almost mission impossible :/ But thank you for the tips, I will definitely look for many of the things u mentiond in this vid. Thank u.

  3. what stores and designers usually have good quality basics? like t-shirts

  4. yess that pattern matching with stiches! I'm always shocked with very expensive dress where pattern doesn't match like in a back for example. or those expensive night gowns that look nice but when you check it's actually made of nylon or polyester O.O

  5. thanks for this video! great tips 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for the helpful insights! ?

  7. Very solid advice, Emily! There's nothing really important for me to add, but consider the fabric weight and the garment type together. A nice material for a top isn't going to be so good as pants/shorts where there are a lot more friction points. Or fabric for a top might be too thin and light for a skirt unless lined. Also consider the material's "body." Does it move fluidly? Does it drape on your own body? Or does it kinda just sit there? Fabric with good body will be made of good long fibers instead of leftover stubby fibers and the weaving pattern will be appropriate for the fiber weight. (Think bad poly satin made of super lightweight nylon that won't lie down or spandex-y fabric that hugs every bulge) One last, check if the seams pucker. Like the stitching should lie flat and not appear as if it's grabbing the surrounding fabric.

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