What To Pack For a Roadtrip [ Essentials & Haul ]

Summer is coming and it’s time to start packing for mini vacations and road trips. Today’s @Targetstyle video is my packing list! I just got back from a roadtrip and after realizing how much stuff that I forgot to pack, I decided to make a video to both serve as a reminder for me and also to help your guys out when it comes to packing for a roadmap. This video is also a haul of some great items I picked up that are both helpful as well as a must have for a long trip. I hope with haul and essentials video will help you pack for your upcoming vacation! Are you going on a roadmap this summer? Comment below and let me know where you are going!


  • Sunglasses (Need to protect the eyes!)
  • Handy Carrying Bag or Large Tote
  • Toiletries – little plastic bottles are best!
  • Sunscreen (Gotta protect the skin!)
  • Makeup (Obvi…)
  • BB cream, makeup palette, lip balm, spray mist
  • Comb & Brush
  • Wipes and sanitizes – bathroom wipes (Gas station bathrooms…that’s all I am gonna say)
  • Map (Just in case..)
  • A reliable map app. Eric likes to use Waze.
  • Charging wire and a side battery pack
  • Entertainment (download podcast or a audio book / time flies when listening to something
  • interesting)
  • Lots of water!
  • Snacks
  • Motion sickness items(Tums or ginger candy, kombucha)
  • Emergency credit card
  • Snacks – fruits

Ann Le / Anneorshine