What To Wear On A Plane

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What to Wear on a Plane

Destination picked? Flight booked? Suitcase packed? Now it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear while you travel. We have 6 essentials that we like to travel with—think of these items as your building blocks for what you should wear on your next flight.

1. Sneakers 

Trying to get through security in a snap? Go for easy sneaks that you can slide in and out of! We like slip-ons, but laces can be okay too! Quick tip: tie them a little bit looser than normal before you arrive.

2. Casual button-up

Layering is the name of the game when it comes to flying—it gets cold on the plane! Have a button-up blouse on hand that you can drape over your legs as a blanket or wear over an easy tee (more on that later).

3. Jean Jacket

The most versatile jacket? A denim one! Literally—it goes with everything, has plenty of pockets (don’t loose your headphones!) and look great with leggings…which we’ll get to now!

4. Leggings

We can’t emphasize this enough—comfort is key! A pair of stretchy leggings are perfect for the plane—so sit back, relax and chill.

5. Tote Bag

Grab a tote that you can throw all of your travel essentials in! Like a good book, your phone charger and a bottle of water.

6. Easy Tee

The most no-fuss top to wear on a plane? A classic cotton shirt. We like to reach for a set of classic stripes that we can pair with anything from jeans to leggings (which you can bet we’ll be wearing on the plane!).

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Need to impress for business or pleasure? Walk the (airport) runway in a look that gets that’s easy and professional.  Try pairing cropped black trousers with a kimono-style top and flats in a coordinating hue—low heels are perfect for a far gate. 

What to wear for a business trip:

  • Cropped black pants
  • Fashionable top
  • Colorful flats

Stylist Packing Tip: The more layers the better! The more you’re wearing means the less you’ll be packing in your suitcase. Plus, you never know how the temperatures might change from airport to plane to your arrival city.

What to Wear on a Plane


Getting some Vitamin D this summer? Breeze through security in an all-purpose denim jacket—the only alarm you’ll be setting off will be everyone’s style radar. This jacket will keep you warm on the plane, and ready for sundown once you step onto the tarmac. Pair with flirty sundresses, cut off denim shorts, and everything else you wear in paradise.   

What to wear for the tropics:

  • Denim jacket
  • Fun-in-the-sun dress
  • Cute cut-offs

Stylist Packing Tip: Wear a jacket on the plane to free up space in your luggage for added warmth during the flight.

What to Wear on a Plane


On the red-eye it’s all about comfort, and the ultimate snooze-ability of every piece you wear on the plane. Sneakers are the gold standard of any comfy in-flight outfit, and luckily clean white sneaks are super on trend. Bottoms with some stretch (leggings or denim) will make sure you can actually relax, and a cute denim jacket will make sure you stay warm in fluctuating cabin temperatures, as well as being a great topper for anything from a bathing suit to a sundress at your destination.

What to wear for overnight flight:

  • Leggings or comfy pants
  • Versatile white sneakers
  • Jacket or wrap

Stylist Packing Tip: A pair of white sneakers will look great with lots of outfits once you arrive at your destination, and they’re perfect for walking all day long. Pair with denim, skirts, even sundresses—you’ll be surprised at how great they look.

What to Wear on a Plane


Flying out to celebrate your pal’s impending nuptials? Get into party mode before you even land with a romper. Pack your in-flight essentials in a cross body bag, and top off your look with some strappy-chic sandals. Don’t forget a jacket or wrap in case you feel chilly.

What to wear for a girls’ trip:

  • On-trend romper
  • Cute crossbody
  • Strappy sandals

Stylist Packing Tip: Depending on accessories, your romper can go from beach (flat sandals and a cute sun hat), to brunch (espadrilles and a stack of bracelets), to bar (heels and a statement lip). It’s more versatile than you might think.

What to Wear on a Plane


Going on vacation? Want to step off the plane ready for dinner or window shopping? Consider wearing a simple, summery shift dress on your flight. Paired with sneakers and a cardigan for that ever-present airline air conditioning, you’ll be ready to go from baggage claim to whatever your holiday brings. Keep a pair of strappy sandals in your carry-on if your first destination is a bit dressier.

What to wear for your next holiday:

  • Chic shift dress
  • Versatile cardigan
  • Pretty sandals

Stylist Packing Tip: Keep refreshing eye drops, a packet of face wipes and a toothbrush in your carry-on to make a quick stop in the restroom once you land. You’ll be fresh as a daisy and ready for fun.

Want more packing tips? Check out the ultimate travel checklist here, so you’ll never forget anything again.

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