What’ll Happen to Your Body If You Eat Ginger for 1 Month

People all over the world try to find this magic diet or product, making people slim and happy in a month (or better in a week). Well, we are glad to announce that there is such a magic “pill”!


  1. Don't promote ginger on face thing. Years ago, I did that. My sensitive akin burnt literally. I had to go to dermatologist to get burn marks removed

  2. Stop saying "all women"!
    Do you know every single woman on Earth?

  3. ok try try we will succed ???

  4. Ok…what do you do if you can't stand that taste and still want the benefits?

  5. You know what magic is?
    Ginger + Lemon + Honey
    Drink it.. Or apply it on your face..
    MAGICAL RESULT! Based on my experience using it about 2 weeks and i'm beautiful now?

  6. Ginger.ginger. ginger the best ! ! GINGER. GINGER EVEN DENTIST SAY WHAT THE HECK OR WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM OLD MYTH IS SO GOOD O..O…WONDERFUL WORKS FOR ME .?stop being paranoid.Ginger. ginger. Ginger ginger ginger LA. LA. LA. LA LA. ????????????? Ginger.giner✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

  7. I do believe in that loosening weight.
    I take ginger tea Everyday for 1 week.
    morning and before sleep
    and I loose
    6kilos in just 7days.
    see the difference on yourself gals.

  8. All of these will help my mom soooooooo

    Can I say except Your welcome ??

  9. Just add lemon and honey see the results for your body after a weeks

  10. The heck is ginger?

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  12. I can tell you straight away -if you juice ginger every day more than several times a day and there are kiddney stones in your familly history you will get it (silicate stones) ER is waiting so… 🙂

  13. I have a ginger girlfriend does that count ((;

  14. Ginger also can be dangerous for certain people with certain health issues

  15. can a lactating woman have it??

  16. I think I can squeeze in a gingerbread house or 10 once a day, I mean for the sake of my health.

  17. also india is MY countury!! why did you get the answers from india???

  18. how about LEMON???THATS also a magic

  19. 2 ounces of ginger root juice consumed when you start feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu SHORTENS the duration of the cold or flu and lessons the symptoms of both during the time you have a cold or flu…even consumed while you have a cold or flu, drinking ginger root juice WILL offer you some immediate relief from cold and flu symptoms…
    It helps to drink the ginger root juice STRAIGHT…and consume NOTHING else for about 15 minutes…ginger works best alone!

  20. my magic product is CINNAMON ? so i hope that you 'll make a video about it ?

  21. So, i have to eat only ginger for one month

  22. is drink it like eat it or these effect just happen by eating it?

  23. So….You won't be able to fit your pants!? NO WAY! I LOVE MY CHUBBYNESS! ITS CUTE AND DOESN'T MAKE YOU HAVE TO EAT MORE!

  24. i can absolutely vouch for ginger for stomach sickness and stomach aches this is something i can not live without i have alot of stomach problems i do not run out of it i buy the pickled ginger in the asian dept in store and eat 3 slivers in the morning every morning and you. will be amazed i guess it eats all the acid up i dont no but it works

  25. I'm going to drink some in tea

  26. Try eating a donut with the ginger and expect results

  27. Hit like if you want to be a richest person in next 1000 years in the whole world!!!!!! if you want you can!!!!!!

  28. Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  29. This is such a great video. Great job BRIGHT SIDE!

  30. I just love it it really helps in losing weight

  31. Chop it up real tiny and shoot it with water, quick and easy

  32. I made a ginger, snap. It was to easy. He was an angry ginger wanting to fight everyone.?

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