What’s in my Nail Art Travel Bag?!

Nail Art Travel Bag. Hey guys! Ever wonder what nail art essentials I bring with me when I travel? These nail art tools and nail care products are my favorite to bring along when I’m doing nail art on a trip! What are your nail art essentials for travel? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! More videos coming very soon this time 😉


  1. What is the difference between clear nail Polish and top coat and base coat

  2. Everything you have is from Sephora

  3. her manicure is the boy version of the mix and match design of the pretty and pink!

  4. hii everyone.. I need your help… this is really important.. im in canada and about to go home by PIA Airlines.. I have nail polish remover box with sponge.. it is for my cousin.. it is allowed on checked luagges as it is liquid flammable… please help.. ill be leaving soon so need answer really soon.

  5. please remove hannah, Julie ,marry and minee from your chanel please

  6. Could I know how long do you take to paint your nails? When you want it simple? And advanced nail art?

  7. my daughter travle nail bag is full of with nail things……….★★★★

  8. my daughter trable nail bag is full of with nail things……….★★★★

  9. cool……..★★*★

  10. why the bubble rap? if u dont chek in u need to out them in a plastic bag right but why the bubble rap?

  11. They actually do make a tiny basecoat and topcoat,

  12. I just paint my nails before travelling and wear that manicure for the whole vacation.

    Or sometimes I bring a nail polish remover in case my manicure goes terrible

  13. Did anyone notice when she took of the nail polish on her pinky she painted it back on

  14. My travel polish bag: white polish

  15. How do you sharpen a cuticle trimmer?

  16. Where do u live because I want to rob your nail polishs

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