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Hi guys! My main New Years resolution this year is to travel more and i’m working hard to make sure that I live up to that resolution. Today, I want to share with you have I have in my travel bag as well as what I wear when i’m traveling! What are your favorite pacing essentials! I want to know! Comment and thumbs up!


  • J Crew jacket: Here
  • Longchamp backpack: Here

Ann Le / Anneorshine


  1. Finally found good price for a mini backpack in just ordered. I love one I picked

  2. I love OOTD's too. But I'll make sure that my things are organized, Im using roadeavour!

  3. I'm watching this cause I'm going on holiday

  4. may I suggest? you might want to bring wet wipes, liquid soap (put it on a plastic container) and alcohol ?

  5. do you think a guy can wear that longchamp? i really like it

  6. Hi! Does a macbook air 13" fits in?

  7. that silver purse, what type is it?

  8. Can you not pronounce it as "Long-champ"?? It's French for gods sake.


  9. Hi ann le.. could you do review about the longchamp bagpack tq

  10. what was the song at the beginning?

  11. who sees something like an arm moving in the background during the intro ?

  12. Did anyone else notice the person in the mirror behind her moving ????????

  13. Anyone else binge watching this kind of videos cuz ur excited to go on vacation?????

  14. Hi Anne! I was wondering where you bought your adorable portable charger

  15. this really helped! going on a 8+ hour fight to hawaii! thx

  16. Hi backpack and style cool, what brand are you booties?

  17. I was wondering do you know if it fits a standard sized binder?

  18. Your bag is a Longchamp but you have to pronounce it Lon-cham (you don't pronounce neither the G nor the P in french)I loved your video!

  19. Hey I'm Travelling in 10 days. And this video helped me so much. Could you do an updated one? Coz this is kind of old.

  20. What size is the jacket? And how tall are you?

  21. At the end of last year I went back to my home country for a few months and I keep watching all these travel tips and packing videos wanting to go travelling again 🙁

  22. I love the back pack. where is it from?

  23. what's the make of your vlog ging camera?

  24. Thumbs up for LONGHORN! Made me LOL! Love this Video Ann!

  25. This was really helpful! Do you mind telling me where you got your wallet? ?

  26. i know how daiso is amazing!!!!

  27. i live in korea!!!!!!!!!! 한국!!!!!!!

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