What’s the best HOLO top coat?! (click if holosexual)

HOLOMG I TEST MANY RAINBOWS FOR YOU SO YOU CAN FIND THE BEST ONE TO RIDE! I’ve picked my fave holographic top coats, now what are yours? 😉


  • ♥ Peel-off base coat: Here
  • ♥ Black polish: Here
  • ♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat: Here
  • ♥ Non-holo top coat to trick you: Here
  • ♥ Silver holo glitter at beginning of video: Here


  1. ? ?
    ? ?
    ? ?
    ? ? O L O
    Everyone it’s me your local holo lover.

  2. I think she means HOLOgen lights

  3. team edwrerd or how ever u spell his name

  4. What is the best quick dry taco. Please let me know I need to know

  5. you know, i’ve been watching your videos since before polish mountain and i never really realized that i never subscribed to you until now ?

  6. Has anyone tried multiple coats of Holographic Pearls? It almost becomes a linear holo with two coats and it's BEAUTIFUL

  7. ✔️Love holo
    ✔️love videos
    ✔️love simpley things
    ✔️love fails
    Then watch Simplynaillogical

  8. 7:45 I was literally thinking “that’s not holo! ?”

  9. when show the not HOLO nail polish i was like wtf im gonna unscribe but then when you said it was not holo i was like omg you scared me

  10. Where can i ordered holo top coat in Philippines they're not selling holo polish here 🙁

  11. i feel like shit. thx for asking

  12. Actually I’ve seen quo by orly polishes in Washington and California

  13. I’m so sad. I have to spend more money now and buy a holo top coat online because Walmart doesn’t have the SP holo (Cosmic Dust) anymore. I remember finding it years ago and it’s been the only holo near me not online. Now I have to find an online cheap one. 🙁

  14. Im pretty sure Edward is an holosexual

  15. im only 5 and a half minutes in but in my opinion I actually like ILNP's holo top coat the best, but then again I like that it looks more like a starry night over a black sky than a disco ball..

  16. You had a nail polish with my name on it ? ? ? ?

  17. Can you make a Holo banana for ben

  18. How Ben met Christine: Ben : hey you like holo?
    Christine:you're my new bae so don't leave me

  19. Team Edward or team Jacob???


  20. Reads title


  21. Polish mountain of all holo or 150 layers of holo

  22. I wish she wrote ''Whats the best HOLO taco?''

  23. So I'm watching this video and my fiance turns to the monitor, sees the first top coat on Christine's nails and says "That woman has space on her nails! Wow!"

  24. 7:47 I was watching this in the library at school and I literally shouted “bitch wtf this isn’t holo” and everyone turned around and I ended up in detention, where I’m currently still watching this video because I didn’t finish

  25. I looked glossy Taco up on Urban Dictionary and it said it came from you so

  26. Salon Perfect actually makes amazing black and white one coasters. I've had them for forever and I love them.

  27. I clicked the link in the description box and then my IPad says the site is dangerous and could be a scam.

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